AlunaGeorge are just two weeks away from releasing their sophomore album I Remember and they have released their latest single, "Mediator."

The new single does not come with any features and takes a step back from Aluna's love life. It instead hones in on Aluna's role as a mediator in somebody close to hers life as they try and navigate a tumultuous relationship with someone who can't decide to commit or not. She poses as the friend offering help instead of the one in need.

"I will always be your mediator / Let me talk to him / Let me be your friend / He's no good for you / He don't need your help / You can trust in me / And you can thank me later," says the singer in the hook.

The instrumental is soft and comforting with bells, lush strings and piano over steady and jazzy percussion. It adds a different dimension to the album, but still fits its into what we have heard thus far.

I Remember will be released on Sept. 16. The LP features the likes of Flume, ZHU and Popcaan. In a statement, the pair talks about working to push forward from what they had been writing before.

"We were going for that holy grail of songwriting," says Aluna. "It was an attitude of 'let's see what else we can do'," adds George.

"It started to feel a bit like we had all these friends in music that we liked hanging out with but we haven't shared AlunaGeorge with anyone else, and at some point we were like 'why not?' Let's open it up a bit more," says Aluna. "We wanted to let people in a bit more now that we're more confident in our sound".

The pair has been touring almost all summer and will continue with that this fall, joining Sia and Miguel on the Nostalgic For The Present Tour.

Pick up the record on iTunes and stream it below. Pre-order the physical album here.

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