Keke Wyatt was among the soulful greats who attended the 2016 Soul Train Award ceremony and red carpet event over the weekend.

Before entering The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Wyatt spared a moment of her time on the red carpet to speak with Music Times writer, Wanda Coppage. 

The Rated Love Deluxe singer dished some exclusive details on her upcoming reality show in development; the inspiration behind her new single "Jodeci" and the highs and lows of being so vulnerable on the couple's therapy show, Marriage Boot Camp.

Wyatt, who recently released the single and video for "Jodeci," off her Rated Love Deluxe album, wore pretty in pink everything for the Toyota Presents Red Carpet and taping of the Centric Presents Soul Train Awards on Sunday, Nov. 6.

With her long pink tresses; pink dress, and popping pink lip color to compliment her gold bottom grill, the southern gal explained why composing a song in tribute to the successful '90s male group was necessary. "

"Jodeci is G - Money. Jodeci is where it's at," stated the R&B Diva. "Jodeci is probably why I got all the kids I got...," she reluctantly revealed.

All the kids she has includes a total of eight!

She, along with her 8 babies, and husband, Michael Ford, will soon be featured in their very own reality show called Crazy for Keke.

Similar to TV One's R&B Divas: Atlanta, this production will also fall under the production hat of '90s group, Brownstone member Nicci Gilbert.

So what can fans expect from the show? It's quite simple really - "I'm Keke and I'm crazy."

"I got all them 8 babies, and my crazy husband... we crazy together," she explained.

Though Wyatt and her husband Ford make their living in the music industry, with Crazy for Keke, she wants to expose more of her family life - not so much focus on the music.

"I want people to see me and my family - how we are, how we live and what's up," explained Wyatt.

"We're just like everybody else I just happen to sing for a living and do TV." In addition to R&B Divas: Atlanta Wyatt is currently featured on the new season of We TV's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

She and Ford are among other married couples who seek professional help to strengthen their marriage and work out some of the kinks that continue to cause problems.

For Wyatt those kinks consist of trust issues and the lingering emotional pain from her past relationship.

The therapy sessions are supposed to be set up as a comfortable platform for open dialogue and release for the cast members but, Wyatt doesn't see it that way. In fact, she feels quite UNcomfortable.

"It's very scary for me 'cause I'm not used to showing people the broken side of me," explained the 34-year-old.

"They just see me upset all the time with people who treat me a certain way but not where it comes from. Now people are actually able to see where it comes from and where it stems from. I hate that but I'm human," she continued.

On a positive note, Wyatt recognized how important it is to allow herself vulnerability for viewers.

Sharing parts of her life and hardships on television could be just the encouragement needed for someone "that may go through something" similar in the future.

"I'm here to let my light shine for Jesus Christ," Wyatt explained "...I just feel blessed and honored that God would even allow me to go through the things I went through so that I can help someone else." Rated Love Deluxe is available now on iTunes.