Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas has opened up about his battle with cancer, and the rapper is currently in remission. In 2014, Taboo suffered pain throughout his body following a show and was admitted to the emergency room. There, he was diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer.

Taboo was treated with surgery and a 12-week course of chemotherapy before physicians declared him as being in remission.

In a series of Instagram posts, Taboo revealed that his struggle with cancer inspired his new song, entitled “The Fight.” The 41-year-old rapper claims that all profits made from the single will be donated to the American Cancer Society. He was additionally named as an ambassador for the ACS in May. The posts on social media also showed his struggles with cancer, with an actual photo taken while he was receiving chemo.

“Here is the reason why I am alive today #mytribe #mymotivation - during #th3fight against cancer all I could think about was I have to fight for my Wifey @jaygo10 and my kids - #familyfirst #cancerfree #warrior,” Taboo posted along with a photo of his family.

He wrote in another post, “Today on @thedoctorstv will give my testimony and speak out about my battle with cancer - Got diagnosed in 2014 and fought thru 12 weeks of intense chemo therapy and by the grace of god im alive and along with my partner @americancancersociety we are gonna help millions of people going thru the same fight I went thru - I will use my platform for my bigger purpose - #cancersurvivor #warrior @Th3FIGHT #hope #inspiration.”