David Guetta and Robin Schulz have been quiet on the release front lately, but they have broken that silence together with the help of LA based trio Cheat Codes on their new collaboration "Shed A Light."

The new song falls in the middle of where one might expect to hear something from these three. It is nice to hear a Cheat Codes song without vocals chops as they take care of the vocals. The instrumental is led by an emotive string section, grounded in a sturdy four-on-the-floor bass line, which would be a little heavier than what you might hear in a Robin Schulz track, but not big enough for one of Guetta's. It is a nice middle ground between their pop and melodic house sounds.

The collaboration has been coming for some time according to both Schulz and Guetta.

"I have been supporting Robin since day one. We have been touring together and for this particular track I was very excited to work with him," says Guetta in a statement. "Robin's tracks are very musical and emotional. So to me working with Robin was an obvious choice. It felt like the right match."

Robin Schulz echoes that sentiment.

"I'm very excited about the upcoming collaboration with my friend David Guetta," says the German DJ. "I think 'Shed A Light' is a fantastic combination, which is characterized by both styles, perfectly supported by the great voice of Cheat Codes."

Cheat Codes shed some light on the meaning behind the track and how the experience was to work with these two DJs.

"Getting to work with two legends has been just a remarkable experience for us. This song is about that classic situation where you're falling for someone; but you're unsure if they feel the same. It's truly an honor to collaborate with Robin and David on this track."

Pick up the single here.