Insomniac's EDC New York has been canceled for 2017. In a statement on Facebook, Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella gave a sort of state of the union type of address about the company and what he is excited about in the coming months. In one of the paragraphs about upcoming events, he talked about Electric Daisy Carnival NY, saying it is being canceled for 2017, but left the door open for its return in the future.

He admits he loved the 2016 edition, but it has to take a break.

"Although EDC New York 2016 was one of my favorites hosted in the Big Apple, we've decided to take a break in 2017. We hope many of you East Coast Headliners will join us in Vegas. We'll have an Art Car sound system paying homage to New York DJs past and present."

Rotella touts a redesigned kineticFIELD stage, which there is every year and an additional stage.

It will be a lot more expensive to get out to Las Vegas for the main edition of EDC in June, but it could be the incentive to get some fans out there.

He goes on to talk about the various other festivals that Insomniac has on deck for 2017 including other EDCs, Beyond Wonderland, the inaugural Middlelands in Texas and Factory 93 on New Year's Eve.

Though he called it "a break," he did not specify when the festival might return, if at all.

EDC New York has enjoyed a five-year run in and around New York City. It started at Metlife Stadium, before switching to Citi Field for one year, went back to Metlife and then back to Citi Field in 2016. The constant movement and strain to fit into the schedules of these large venues could have impacted their decision.