Without any warning, Swedish producing and DJ duo Galantis have released a new song "Pillow Fight." The duo have a knack for putting out infectious dance-pop songs with the simple, melodic math that is acutely fine tuned by the many producers who never see sunlight during the Swedish winter.

The duo comprised of Christian Karlsson, aka Bloodshy and one third of Miike Snow, and Linus Elköw, also known as Style of Eye, put together steel drums with simple, yet catchy melody, all over a steady four on the floor bass line that makes this ready for the radio and the dance floor.

"In lots of ways "Pillow Fight" brings back the original Galantis heart and roots, and reminds us why we started this project," says the group. "Launch yourself in every wave, live and breathe the full-throttle mentality, we'll go to sleep tomorrow."

The vocals are also simple, evoking an image of carefree late nights with pillow fights.

The song comes with a lyric video that plasters the lyrics across the screen as you follow the pair on their adventures on tour. This is the first time they are featured in one of their own videos and they add some extra 90's-Nickleodeon-like graphics for when they hit the drums that are part of their live show and during crowd shots.

The song is the follow up to Galantis' September collaboration with Hook N Sling "Love On Me" and April's hit "No Money," which bubbled up to a viral hit during the summer. They have not been as prolific this year as Karlsson has been focused on Miike Snow, but the duo has still toured frequently around the globe.

Pick up a copy of the single here.

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