The Chainsmokers have released their first single of 2017 "Paris." The escapist new song finds the duo exploring youthful relationships of love and heartbreak, trying to escape parents and making mistakes along the way.

Andrew Taggart is once again front and center as the lead vocalist, though in the chorus and almost all of the sections that aren't the verses, he duets with Emily Warren, who featured on the duo's collaboration with Tritonal "Until We Were Gone."

The song has a laidback feel from build all the way to the drop, but manages to infuse some energy into the hook with the drums and synths that gives it some radio appeal.

The group will always be compared to "Closer" and the run it had in 2016, but before that song "Roses" and "Don't Let Me Down" were the standard-bearers for their level of success. Betting against these guys has been a bad move so far, so it is hard to imagine this not being another big one for the Los Angeles-based duo that seem to have a knack for putting out hits.

"Paris" comes with another Rory Kramer-directed lyric video that stars Instagram model Alexis Ren and was shot on location at Casa Malca in Talum, Mexico.

"Paris" is the first song from The Chainsmokers in 2017 and is almost a reset for them as they cap off the biggest year of their career. The song was premiered at their sold out Los Angeles Convention Center concert, where they performed in front of nearly 22,000 people. 2016 saw them release their biggest hits in "Closer" and "Don't Let Me Down." They were nominated for three Grammys and are already starting rack up awards at other shows.

Pick up a copy of "Paris" here.

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