The day has come - The xx have released their long awaited third artist album I See You. The follow-up to their 2012 LP Coexist, The xx incorporate some of the same sounds that have endeared them to their fans on the first two albums with piercing, reverbed guitars and soft, moody vocals, but there is a clear evolution that has come with the band growing older over these past five years.

With just 10 songs, the album is a quick listen clocking in at a little over 30 minutes. However, Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft delve into some very personal topics on love, relationships and growing up.

The second single "Say Something Loving" reveals the two singer's insecurities, as they just want their lover to "say something loving" to them while they try and engage in some sort of a real relationship. This continues on "Lips" where Sim and Croft sing about a haunting physical relationship that feels right in the moment, but may not last past a few nights.

Sonically the album has the haunting, ethereal sounding songs that fans will love form the duo, but Jamie xx's growing star power is also felt as well towards the end of the LP. There are more upbeat and danceable rhythms on tracks like the first single "On Hold," which uses a Hall & Oates sample in the hook and then "I Dare You," with its chugging percussion.

The xx seem to have found their groove with I See You. They have grown as people and open up to the world about that process through their music. I See You shows musical growth, but still has a lot of the same sounds fans want to hear from them.

The LP can be streamed anywhere now and picked up via your favorite retailer.

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