Bonobo has released his sixth artist album Migration via his longtime label home Ninja Tune. The LP has features from Rhye, Nick Murphy, Nicole Miglis of Hundred Waters and Moroccan band Innov Gnawa.

Much like the idea of migration, a topic that is on the tip of everyone's tongues at the moment, this LP comes from a global perspective sonically. There are influences heard from the Middle East, Africa and of course the West.

Migration is something that Bonobo describes as "The study of people and spaces."

The album calls upon people from different backgrounds and was recorded all over the world. Nick Murphy is an Australian singer and producer. Michael Milosh of Rhye is Canadian, but their sublime collaboration "Break Apart" was recorded in Berlin. Innov Gnawa are a Moroccan band that give a distinctly African rhythm and sound to their collaboration "Bambro Koyo Ganda." British producer, Simon Green, best known as Bonobo, puts all of this together.

He also incorporates Middle Eastern influences onto tracks like "Grains" and "Ontario."

Green remarks on the idea of a global collaboration, saying, "It's interesting how one person will take an influence from one part of the world and move with that influence and effect another part of the world. Over time, the identities of places evolve."

His album Northern Borders had many different world influences on it as well, so this isn't something totally new for Bonobo. However this is the first time he has made it a central focus on in his album.

It is a soothing, diverse and well-crafted piece of electronic music that veers from one influence to the next but doesn't lose focus on its blend of ambient electro and steady club beats.

Migration is available everywhere now to purchase and stream.