June 18, 2018 / 3:41 AM

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Marvel's 'The Inhumans' Cast Serinda Swan, Anson Mount Talks About Their Characters And More



"The Inhumans" comes in IMAX theaters first and the stars have something to say about what to expect from the soon-to-be TV series and how it can change the minds of its viewers despite issues arising from it. Although it is a product of Marvel Comics, it hasn't been given much attention like what Avengers had or the Guardians of the Galaxy but ABC management commits on a bolder and innovative approach. As such, the IMAX screening on Sept. 1 targets a worldwide audience even for TV content because of its creative global approach.

With this, Serinda Swan and Anson Mount give a rundown of each of their characters and how "The Inhumans" can reach out to viewers of all ages. In a report from Comicbook, Serinda Swan's character as Medusa is the partner of Black Bolt, the leader of "The Inhumans" as they met a certain family conflict and led them to Hawaii. There they are forced to live with the humans as they try to prove they are not at all evil, even though there is a vast difference between them as human nature thinks them as evil and vice versa.

Serinda Swan in an interview revealed that due to their differences from humans and the moral conflict involved, the protagonist/antagonist cannot be determined as they each have a mission. In time, the gap will be gone if both the humans and the Inhumans choose to be cooperative to each other and compassionate over their differences. Rotten Tomatoes also reports that Medusa's hair will not do all the work as the Inhuman can also move and fight with her body in connection to her powerful hair, proving herself as a trained fighter.

Meanwhile, Anson Mount seems to feel the advantage of not talking much about his role as Black Bolt as he will be emotionally detached because of this. Although the thought did not matter to him until now, Mount said that he will see until Season Two if sign language works for him. Things to consider might be on his personal translator (Medusa) which has a different interpretation of what he wants to say sometimes.

There is also something to look forward to in "The Inhumans" that kids might find interest on, and that is the Inhuman's best friend Lockjaw. The overly huge dog is huggable as it looks to be but better stir the kids away when Medusa and Black Bolt do their love scene. Get ready to line up for the screening of "The Inhumans" in IMAX theaters on Sept. 1 and the premiere of its TV series on Sept. 29 only on ABC.

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