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'Suits' Season 7: Donna Kisses Harvey; Where Do They Go From Here?



Harvey and Donna were once again involved in a cliffhanger in the midseason finale of “Suits” Season 7. With Mike and Rachel urging Donna to reveal her feelings for her boss, she made a bold move that stunned him. She kissed him and then him, “I just had to know.”

Series creator Aaron Korsh talked about the kiss and its implications for everyone in the remaining six episodes of “Suits” Season 7 to TV Line. He also teased that the season finale will serve as a backdoor pilot for spinoff series featuring Gina Torres’ “Suits” character Jessica Pearson.

Korsh explained that the Harvey and Donna kiss was the culmination of what practically everyone was telling her to do and the circumstances leading to it. It was an emotional time for her after everything she went through in the trial where Malik embarrassed her on the stand in the “Suits” Season 7 summer finale.

Later, Louis came to her talking about his regrets about not being able to tell the love of his life that he loved her according to Entertainment Weekly. Then there was Mike who told Donna to go and do something. It was then that she decided that she was done putting Harvey above herself. Donna was going to put herself first before him and said, “I’m going to do this for me. I’m going to kiss him to find out how I feel, what I want.”

For Harvey, regardless of what he felt about Donna or the kiss, he is in a committed relationship. He is also a faithful guy. Korsh thinks that the consequence of Donna’s bold move is what it does to Harvey’s relationship and what it does to him as a faithful person. That is what’s going to play out in the remaining six episodes of “Suits” Season 7.

For Korsh, what Donna did was all for herself since “she wanted to know how that made her feel, what it would make her want, what it would do for her.” He revealed that she was not necessarily conscious of what and why she did it.

As to the question that everyone must be asking, which is if Paula should be worried, Korsh teased that it would be answered in the last six episodes of “Suits” Season 7. Also in the finale, Jessica got disbarred in New York as collateral damage in Harvey’s fight with Malik. She asked him to finally take her name off the firm.

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