May 23, 2018 / 10:59 AM

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Wonder Woman Sequel To Be 'Totally Different,' Could Feature Lynda Carter Cameo



Film director Patty Jenkins recently teased a cameo from the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter in the anticipated Wonder Woman sequel, which she said will be very different from the first film.

Jenkins dropped some hints about the sequel in a recent interview. The director explained that the film does not feel very much like a part two for her, because it will be a "totally different" movie. She teased that the film will tackle an "entirely new adventure."

"We're actually making a totally different film with a lot of the same, similar like things that we love, but it's its own movie completely, so it's not 'two' to us," Jenkins told ET.

Talks about Carter's appearance during the making of Wonder Woman thrilled fans of the actress, who played the original Wonder Woman. Sadly, Carter could not make an appearance in the film because of schedule constraints.

When asked about the possibility of Carter's cameo this time in the sequel, Jenkins did not give a hundred percent confirmation. However, she assured that she would try, since a cameo from Carter was originally in the cards to begin with.

"And we actually desperately tried to get her in the first one and we had the scheduling that couldn't work, so she's always been a part of our Wonder Woman family. We won't say anything yet, but we certainly — there's no lack of trying," Jenkins added in her interview.

Carter may not have made a cameo in Wonder Woman, but this does not mean that she had not played any role in the film. Jenkins revealed that the actress was a great mentor. She also described her as one of the dearest people and a dear friend. Carter was also on the red carpet where she greeted Gal Gadot with open arms, proof that they are great friends.

Details about the Wonder Woman sequel remain scarce. American film writer Dave Callaham, who is known for his work on The Expendables and Godzilla, and DC Films co-chairman Geoff Johns are working with Jenkins on the script.

The original plan was for the sequel to air on Dec. 13, 2019. However, the delay in the release of the still-untitled Star Wars: Episode IX prompted Warner Bros. to push for an earlier release on Nov. 1, 2019.

As for the cast, there have been rumors that Chris Pine's Steve Trevor could return from the dead. Jenkins though is not clear on this possibility, since the Wonder Woman sequel takes place in the present time and the first film took place during World War I.

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