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WATCH: Saoirse Ronan Plays 'Who’d You Rather?' On ‘Ellen’ And She Takes It Very Seriously



Saoirse Ronan recently played "Who'd You Rather?" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The 23-year-old Irish actress took the game a little bit too seriously, and Ellen DeGeneres had a blast interviewing her.

During her appearance on the show, the host asked the Lady Bird lead star if she has ever been on a date. Ronan said that she has not been on an actual date because she does not like going out to dinner.

Saoirse Ronan Hilariously Struggles To Make A Decision

DeGeneres told the award-winning star that she will help her find a man that is suited for her and Ronan agreed. She participated in the game "Who'd You Rather?" and was tasked to choose between two men.

The first two choices were Timothée Chalamet and Colin Farrell. Typically, DeGeneres's guests would immediately give their answers, but Ronan took some time to organize her thoughts.

The actress said that she is friends with Chalamet, and Farrell is a bit too old for her, so she went with the former. Since she picked Chalamet, the actor's photo stayed on the screen, but this time, Ronan had to choose between him and Harry Styles.

Ronan decided to stick with Chalamet because of their platonic relationship. The studio audience could not help but laugh at Ronan's answer, and DeGeneres could not hide the look of surprise on her face. Ronan continued to explain that Styles is on the road a lot, so it might be difficult for them to work things out.

"You're so bad at this game," said DeGeneres.

Ronan had to choose between Chalamet and Jamie Dornan next, and she went with the latter because she felt that DeGeneres wanted her to pick the Fifty Shades Freed star. Dornan was pitted against Ed Sheeran next, and Ronan chose the "Thinking Out Loud" singer because he's her "good pal."

The Lovely Bones star did not have a hard time choosing between Sheeran and Daniel Radcliffe, and she chose the latter because she is a huge Harry Potter fan. However, she clarified that she's choosing Radcliffe as Harry and not as his real self. Ronan did not hesitate to pick Kendrick Lamar over Radcliffe, but she went with Drake over the "DNA" singer afterward.

Bruno Mars Wins

After a few more questions, Ronan noted that she wanted to change things up a bit because the game was going on for so long. DeGeneres said that she still was not bored. Ronan ended up with Bruno Mars, but she said that it is impossible to date the singer because he has a girlfriend.

DeGeneres reminded Ronan that it was just a game, and she is not really going to date any of the men in the picture.

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