May 22, 2018 / 11:33 PM

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WATCH: COM3T's New Music Video 'Habits' Directed By Bella Thorne Is Out



Bella Thorne's  directing chops was put to good use in the music video for "Habits." The artist behind the single, COM3T, is actually Bella's older sister, Dani Thorne.

The 25-year-old DJ and music producer wore colorful clothes and bright glittery makeup in what can only be described as a Dani-centric music video. The "Habits" MV lasted for nearly four minutes and Dani appeared from start to finish.

The trippy video is shot with bright-colored lights and graffiti walls in the background. "Habits" is both visually and sonically unreal. The song's catchy tune prompts listeners to pop their heads in time with the techno beat making it the perfect addition to this year's new rave party tracks.

"I just gotta habit/ A dirty little habit/ Whatever I want I can have it," Dani sings in the first verse and in the chorus.

The Duff actress directed "Habits" as a present for her sister's 25th birthday. The music video was released on COM3T's YouTube channel on Friday, Jan. 19. As of writing, the video already raked in 88,067 views. The video gained mixed reactions from viewers.

Mixed Reaction

A comment by Cassee Joseph on YouTube pointed out that even if the music doesn't suit everyone's tastes, the important thing is that Dani looks happy. She noted that Dani clearly enjoyed shooting the music video. Others commented that the song is overdone and that it needs work.

While the song received most of the attention, some commenters applauded Bella for her work on the video and others praised Dani for her talent.

"Dani I am so proud and excited for what comes next for COM3T. Bella did an amazing job directing! I will be playing this on repeat for the next month," one user named Princess Amelia wrote.

"Every time I watch it I just like it more n more! YOU are so cool Dani. There's so much color, you just doing you, being yourself, don't care what anyone says. So inspirational, ur a super cool girl Dani 'n stay awesome, just be you n do what makes u happy," user Noel Melin Hj added.

A New Milestone

Dani, who is also a music producer, took to Instagram to announce the release of the music video for "Habits." She expressed her thanks to her team for making the video very special.

COM3T is actually Dani's DJ name. Her passion for music landed her gigs at the Avalon Hollywood nightclub, BeautyCon LA, and at EDC Las Vegas. Her ultimate goal is to perform at the Ultra Miami.

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