May 25, 2018 / 10:18 PM

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The View, Plus Guest Host Ann Curry Weigh In On Megyn Kelly And Jane Fonda Feud



It's the feud nobody really wanted or needed, and yet it rumbles on. Megyn Kelly vs. Jane Fonda got a whole lot more complicated this week as the entire View panel weighed in.

It all started way back in September when NBC's Kelly used an interview with Fonda and costar Robert Redford ostensibly about their movie Our Souls At Night, to put the actress on the spot about her supposedly numerous plastic surgery procedures. Fonda, naturally, didn't respond well.

Then, at Sundance Film Festival last weekend, the 80-year-old Grace and Frankie actress reignited the controversy by telling Variety that she was stunned by Kelly's inappropriate line of questioning. In Fonda's view, the incident just showcased how terrible of an interviewer Kelly is. Fonda did, however, agree to return to her show if Kelly comes around and learns her stuff.

On her part, Kelly responded first thing Monday morning by boasting about how she had no regrets whatsoever about the interview or her line of questioning. She also brought Fonda's controversial anti-war propaganda past into question, for good measure, invoking old nickname Hanoi Jane, which was utilized against her at that time.

"This is a woman whose name is synonymous with outrage," Kelly said.

Then, the ladies of The View waded in with their response to the escalating feud by calling Kelly out for claiming that Fonda "has no business lecturing anyone on what qualifies as offensive." Host Whoopi Goldberg responded by looking directly into the camera and telling Kelly, "nor do you."

Goldberg was also quick to point out some of the dodgier elements of Kelly's past at Fox News, too, such as when she told all her friends' black children that Santa is only white. Goldberg pointed out the hypocrisy of Kelly claiming she made a mistake in this instance and should be forgiven, but then crucifying Fonda for something far less egregious from her own past.

Fellow host Joy Behar also expressed incredulity that Kelly would bring a topic like the Vietnam War into a conversation about plastic surgery, calling it "a real stretch." She pointed out that Fonda has apologized for her actions in the years since, and that the focus here should be on the war itself, or those who were directly responsible for it, rather than this one irrelevant protest by an actress.

Sunny Hostin remarked that she's never seen a journalist before who behaved the way Kelly has. This prompted Behar to ask, "who's a journalist?"

Echoing their sentiments, guest panelist Ann Curry explained that this is because journalists are not supposed to be the story. In Curry's view, the decision to use the time that could be better spent elsewhere to cover this feud is not journalism.

Hilariously, Behar suggested Fonda should have challenged Kelly herself when she kept pressuring her about her plastic surgery. She quipped Fonda should've turned the question on her by asking, "And how much work have you had, b*tch?"

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