February 21, 2019 / 7:54 AM

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WATCH: Weird Al Yankovic 'Sports Song' Music Video Claims Your Favorite Team Sucks



Your favorite sports team sucks. Sorry to say it. Or at least that's the new message parody artist Weird Al Yankovic is relaying in his latest music video. Today (July 18), the singer/accordion player released his fifth Mandatory Fun music video for "Sports Song" and he's taking on whatever sport and team you love the most, all set to a John Philip Sousa beat.

Full of vague messages of "my sports team is better than yours" (thus tackling more forward fan songs and catcalls), Yankovic plays drum major to a full blown marching band in the music video for "Sports Song."

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Leading a group of trumpet players, trombone players, drummers and more across a football field (for an undisclosed team, though it looks to have a generic cat animal mascot), Yankovic mugs for the camera, all while touting that whatever it is you love, it's inferior to his favorite team.

Even though, you know, in the end his favorite team may not actually be so good.

Yours is worse, though!

Unlike recent Yankovic singles such as "Tacky" or "Foil," "Sports Song" isn't a straightforward pop song parody. Instead, he's continuing his tradition of twisting established musical genres and pop culture themes as he takes on the grand ol' world of sportsball.

Watch the music video for Weird Al's "Sports Song" below, via Funny or Die:

"Sports Song" is a new track from Weird Al Yankovic's latest album Mandatory Fun, which dropped on Tuesday, July 15. The music video is the latest in a series of one-a-day clips following the album's release. Earlier this week, Weird Al has dropped videos for "Tacky," "Word Crimes," "Foil" and "Handy."

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