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WATCH: Greyson Chance Strips Down ‘Low’ For Intimate Live Session



Greyson Chance has released the stripped-down version of the song "Low." On March 1, he posted his live performance of the track on YouTube.

The singer-songwriter has not released a full-length album since Hold On 'Til The Night, his debut album that came out way back in 2011. However, over the years, Chance has never left the spotlight.

In 2017, he joined the soundtrack of ABC's Dirty Dancing and contributed the song "Hungry Eyes." He also released an EP titled Somewhere Over My Head in 2016.

Chance was first discovered on YouTube after his rendition of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi." He also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Surviving A Heartbreak

This year, Chance first released the lyric video of "Low" back in December. The track, he said, was his most personal release yet.

"Even at my mere twenty-years, I have noticed a tendency within myself to continuously runaway from relationships; when it seems as if a relationship is beginning to solidify itself, I have an inherent instinct to leave," he explained.

"'Low' is a reflection of the hearts that I have broken and how, even though I might have appeared 'unaffected' by certain breakups at the time, a resounding impact was left on me days, weeks, months, and years after the initial ending."

In an interview with Billboard, the singer-songwriter shared that he wrote the track inside his parents' home. For the music video of the new track, he wanted to show his loyal fans how he, with only a piano, created the heart-wrenching ballad.

"I'm so excited to share this live video for it presents the song a bit more stripped back, similar to the way that it sounded in its origin," he stated.

Watch Chance perform his new track on a Roland Piano below.


Greyson Chance: All Grown Up

Aside from making music, Chance also decided to attend college last year. In February, he shared snaps about his life in university and it looks like he is having a lot of fun.

Chance said to Billboard that school definitely has influenced his music.

"I think [being in college] really, in a way, has greatly contributed to the songwriting, because I've always sort of written about what's going on in my life and the people around me," he shared. "This new journey I've had has given me so many great experiences, and a whole new cast of characters to work with."

He added that his new music sounds more mature, but he is excited about this new chapter in his career. Albeit he cannot promise to release as much new music as he used to now that he is also busy with school work, he said that he as found a balance in everything he does.

Moreover, he told the publication in December that he will be releasing another song soon that will be a little more uplifting than "Low."

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