NBC drops the official teaser for Jesus Christ Superstar Live. The show will premiere on April 1.

The 41-second clip features John Legend who plays the role of Jesus Christ, Alice Cooper who gives life to the character of Herod, and Sara Bareilles who plays the role of Mary Magdalene.

The NBC special is directed by David Leveaux. All the three cast members are featured singing in the short teaser.

Robert Greenblatt Releases Statement

Last year, the network had announced Cooper's casting and Robert Greenblatt, the chairman of NBC Entertainment, expressed his excitement over the singer's inclusion.

"Alice Cooper, whose theatricality is the stuff of legend, is the perfect rock star to play Herod in our live production. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote a show-stopping musical number for Herod, and we all look forward to the 'King of Shock Rock' taking on the King of Judea," said Greenblatt.

John Legend Opens Up About 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live'

Just weeks before the release of Jesus Christ Superstar Live, Legend sat down for an interview and talked about his role. He said that the show is currently his top priority.

"I've had to make everything else my side project, because I've been here every day for six to eight hours, and we've been focused on it. It's been an immersion into the material, just learning all the lyrics and musical cues," said the "All of Me" singer.

He said that practicing for his role has been fun and it has also taken over his brain. Even when Legend is at home, he finds himself humming the songs and rehearsing his lines.

Chrissy Teigen's husband also said that he wants to live up to the fans' expectations. Since the 1970 rock musical is extremely popular, Legend also wants to give his Jesus Christ role justice. He said that he wants fans of the show to be hooked to their version and they also want to attract new audiences.

Legend also serves as the producer of Jesus Christ Superstar. This is not the first time that the award-winning singer worked behind the scenes for a musical. Last year, he also co-produced Jitney.

Bareilles is also excited to take part in the NBC show. She also said that she has learned a lot of lessons from her performances in Broadway musicals.