Over two years after the unexpected passing of vocalist, Scott Weiland, due to drug overdose, Stone Temple Pilots releases their new self-titled album. 

This is the California-born rock band's first studio album with their new frontman, 41-year-old Jeff Gutt. After a nation-wide search, he joined the group in 2017. 

Coming Out Of A Tragedy

"Everyone has evolved into a new place and has gotten better," said guitarist Dean DeLeo. "[Bassist] Robert [DeLeo] actually said something about the album recently that was beautiful. He said, 'This record breathes resilience.'"

The past couple of years have been rough for the Stone Temple Pilots. In 2015, they lost Weiland who, while traveling with his other band, Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts in Minnesota, was found dead with traces of cocaine and other drugs in his system. Weiland has been the band's songwriter and frontman since it was founded in 1989 until he quit in 2013. He was only 48 years old at the time of his death. 

The band is also mourning Chester Bennington who replaced Weiland in 2013 and served as the band's frontman until 2015 when he quit to focus all his energy on Linkin Park. Bennington passed away just last summer at the age of 41 by suicide. 

It has been tough, but members of the band continue to play because it is the best tribute they can ever offer to both Weiland and Bennington. 

"We are thrilled about what lies ahead," DeLeo stated in a previous interview. "The best way for us to honor our past is to keep making new music."

Stone Temple Pilots is the band's seventh studio album. It features 12 new original songs, including "Meadow" and "Roll Me Under" which were released in November and in January respectively. 

"Meadow" was the first song that the band, including Gutt, created while they were developing their new album. Drummer Eric Kretz told The Rolling Stones that the track sounds exactly like the old Stone Temple Pilots, but with a modern twist. 

'Stone Temple Pilots' Tracklist

1. "Middle of Nowhere"

2. "Guilty"

3. "Meadow"

4. "Just a Little Lie"

5. "Six Eight"

6. "Thought She'd Be Mine"

7. "Roll me Under"

8. "Never Enough"

9. "The Art of Letting Go"

10. "Finest Hour"

11. "Good Shoes" 

12. "Reds & Blues"


Stone Temple Pilots Back On Tour

In addition, Gutt joins Kretz and the DeLeos in a 14-date North American Tour. The series of performances kicked off on March 2 in Santa Clarita, California. Their next show will be held in Jacksonville, Florida for the Welcome to Rockville music festival on April 29. The band will also play at the Fort Rock Festival on April 29 and at the Rock on the Range Festival on May 20. 

Tickets are now available via the official Stone Temple Pilots website.