March 20, 2019 / 2:00 AM

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Study Finds Going To A Concert Helps You Live Longer



Music fans will live longer as a new study shows that going to a live concert can increase a person's life expectancy for several years.

A research conducted by the O2 in London, a renowned music concert venue, reveals that a mere 20 minutes at a gig can lead to an increase in a person's well-being. The effect is even better than yoga.

The study was commissioned by the venue and involved Patric Fagan, a lecturer at the Goldsmith University and an expert in behavioral science. The results were based on the psychometric and heart-rate tests ranging from different well-being activities that include yoga, dog walking, and going to gigs.

Watching a concert yielded to a 21 percent increase in a person's well-being. In comparison, yoga only recorded a 10 percent increase while dog walking only recorded 7 percent improvement.

In addition, the experience of going to gigs also increased the person's feeling of self-worth and closeness to others by 25 percent. Concerts also mentally stimulate the audience by up to 75 percent, according to the study.

"Added to this, additional scholarly research directly links high levels of wellbeing with a lifespan increase of nine years pointing to a direct link between gig-going and longevity," an article published by the O2 claimed.

"Those who attend live concerts once a fortnight and more were the most likely to score their happiness, contentment, productivity, and self-esteem at the highest level (10/10), suggesting that regularly experiencing live music is the key to building a long-standing improvement to wellbeing."

The O2 is one of the most popular music venues in the world. It can seat over 20,000 people.

AEG, which also owns the Staples Center in Los Angeles, manages the indoor arena that has hosted some of the biggest musical acts around the world including Bon Jovi, One Direction, Drake, Prince, Adele, and more.

This year, the venue will host a slew of upcoming performers ranging from Sam Smith to Fall Out Boy.

Music Equals Better Life

While the study was commissioned by the concert venue, there have been several tests done in the past that proves how music can improve a person's life. The Independent revealed that, back in 2013, researchers in Finland found that the experience of singing classes has led to higher satisfaction rates in children at school.

Meanwhile, a team from the University of Missouri also discovered that listening to joyful music can have positive effects on a person's health.

Multiple studies also link listening to music to academic achievements.

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