Justin Bieber reportedly punched a guy for assaulting a woman during the first weekend of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2018.

Good Guy Antics

The 24-year-old former problem child was reportedly at a party with his friends on Saturday, April 14, when the unidentified man walked in and started going ballistic when he spotted the woman. He then went over to her and grabbed her by the neck.

Bieber and friends yelled at the man and pleaded for him to stop, but he refused to budge. It was then that the "Sorry" lunged at the guy, punched him in the face, and pushed him to the wall to allow the woman to escape, reported TMZ.

People who were present at the scene claim that the man appeared to be on drugs. He was later thrown out of the party.

Later that same night, the man was spotted chasing an SUV, believing that Bieber was inside. He was screaming the singer's name and hitting the vehicle.

The authorities were eventually called to subjugate the man.

The local police department confirmed that a woman was assaulted that day, but no witnesses can confirm if Bieber was also involved in the incident. In addition, officers who investigated the scene of the crime found no evidence of battery, and the woman had no visible injuries at the time the police were contacted. The alleged victim also refused to press charges.

Bieber's good friend Patrick Schwarzenegger was reportedly at the same party. He has not given a statement to either confirm or deny the incident.

Although he was not billed to perform at the music festival, the Canadian pop star was spotted by several fans at the audience this weekend. He was at the same crowd where the hottest meme of the moment, the yodeling kid from Walmart, made his Coachella debut by singing a rendition of Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues."

Justin Bieber's Coachella 2018 Date

The "Love Yourself" singer reportedly attended the event with his childhood sweetheart Cherissa Kittmer, whom he dated back when they were in grade school.

According to Canoe.com, the woman was in California this weekend and was invited by Bieber to hang out with him and his friends at the music festival. They met up at a private airport where the two of them jumped on a plane and flew to Indio.

"She hung out with him quite a bit at Bedford public school in Grade 5 and 6. They played a lot of co-ed volleyball together," Kittmer's father recalled. "They became really good friends — my daughter considers Justin to be her very first boyfriend in Grade 5."

However, the relationship between Bieber and Kittmer will remain friendly it seems. The Grammy-winning star is reportedly romancing model Baskin Champion, whom he met through their common friend, Schwarzenegger.