January 23, 2019 / 8:22 PM

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Migos-Inspired Rap Trio Friendos Goes To Therapy To Address Issues In ‘SNL’ Sketch



Migos isn't the kind of group to discuss their feelings. Thanks to a new SNL skit, though, fans can see them do just that.

The sketch, which was featured as part of the Donald Glover-hosted episode, is titled "Friendos." It stars Glover as Quavo, Chris Redd as Offset, and Kenan Thompson as Takeoff.

Letting It All Out

The three rap in a spot-on, Migos-style video all about swag, Lambos, and group therapy. The sketch sees the trio visiting a therapist to try working through their issues in full Migos regalia.

At first, the three are living the good life with expensive cars, tons of cash, and plenty of beautiful women around them. Things take a turn, however, when they visit Cecily Strong's Dr. Angela, who forces them to confront and discuss their deep-seated feelings.

"I'm sorry I hurt you. I think I was acting up because I just missed our friendship, you know before the money, before the Lambo," Glover's Quavo confesses to Redd's Offset.

All the while, Thompson's Takeoff chimes in with hilarious Migos-esque adlibs such as "Lambo!" When the attention turns to him, though, he breaks down upon admitting he doesn't feel as valued in the group as the other guys.

The therapy session goes well as it ends in a "Group hug!" before "Friendos" walk outside only to find rapper A$AP Rocky waiting to go in. He compliments them on the ice cream Lamborghini parked outside, which leads to another sweet moment between the guys.

Supporting His Contemporaries

Glover is a vocal and proud Migos fan. He gave the group a shout-out during his Golden Globes acceptance speech after winning Best Comedy Series for AtlantaThe group, who is also Atlanta natives, even had a cameo in an episode of the hit show. Glover believes Migos are the Beatles of his generation.

Considering his success as musical alter ego, Childish Gambino, it came as no surprise that Glover was able to perfectly imitate his favorites' flows while performing as part of the fake band.

He also took the opportunity to perform some of his own music while on SNL, debuting two new tracks off his upcoming album, namely "This Is America" and "Friday."

The music video for the former had dropped online shortly before the episode aired and featured a shirtless Glover dancing joyfully before carrying out a number of close-range shootings. It's widely seen as a comment on the culture of gun violence and worship in America.

Watch the full "Friendos" skit below.

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