February 22, 2019 / 10:15 AM

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Trent Reznor Says Kanye West, The Weeknd Ripped Off NIN’s Immersive Live Shows



Trent Reznor accuses Kanye West and The Weeknd or ripping off Nine Inch Nails immersive live shows that the band has pioneered. Reznor previously said that West has lost his mind.

During his recent interview, Reznor said that West and The Weeknd adopted Nine Inch Nails' move to go high-tech during their live shows.

"I saw Kanye West blatantly rip off, and The Weeknd rip off, our tours, with production-wise, which I'll say without hesitation. And you know," said Reznor.

Reznor detailed how he has relied on available resources to make Nine Inch Nails' live shows more entertaining for the attendees. He said that he was watching the Coachella from back home one time when he saw West's stage design at the music festival.

Trent Reznor Shares Different Approach

Since West and The Weeknd already imitated their approach, Reznor revealed that he and Nine Inch Nails have decided to go in a different direction. At present, the band goes after an element of danger, uncertainty, and unpredictability with its every live performance.

"And we mean it, and we're sweaty, and it hurts on stage at times. It worked. So that became a template for what we're doing now," said Reznor.

The Weeknd's Lighting Director Speaks Up

As of late, West and The Weeknd have not yet responded to Reznor's allegations. Nine Inch Nails and West have both worked with Martin Phillips, a production designer. Phillips is also the creator of Daft Punk.

In related news, The Weeknd's lighting and production designers, Sooner Routhier and Robert Long, previously told Billboard that their stage designs are inspired by Reznor. Routhier said that he has always looked up to Roy Bennett, the lighting director of Nine Inch Nails and Prince.

Trent Reznor's Work

Reznor is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and film score composer. He is also the founder of Nine Inch Nails, which he formed in 1988. Reznor first released an album under his band in 1989, and it is called Pretty Hate Machine. The compilation was followed up by Fixed in 1992.

Nine Inch Nails other albums are The Downward Spiral, The Fragile, Bad Witch, Hesitation Marks, Year Zero, With Teeth, The Slip, And All That Could Have Been, and more.

Some of the band's hit songs are "Hurt," "Closer," "Head Like A Hole," "The Hand That Feeds," "We're In This Together," and "The Perfect Drug."

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