The music industry is not spared from the ravage of the COVID-19 pandemic. It first affected the concerts of some of the biggest names in the industry, and now, one of the head honchos of a music record label company is diagnosed as positive of the virus. As human transmission of the virus becomes more local, so is the danger the virus bring to the music industry.

Concerts and Awarding Ceremonies

Many concerts are now postponed or cancelled because the virus can easily spread in crowds or mass gathersing. Many concerts like those from Billie Elish, Mariah Carey, and Pearl Jam, amongt others, were cancelled as the singers themselves or one of their fans do not want to add up in the rising number of cases of the infection, which has now reached more than 3,000 cases.

Even awards ceremonies are affected. The 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Introduction Ceremony is among those affected by the pandemic. It was originally to be held on March 12 in Cleveland, but due to the outbreak, the awarding was being cancelled.


One article published by the Rolling Stones reveals that the virus made a huge impact on the industry. One man, a vertical engineer, said that since the virus spread, some of the gigs were postponed or cancelled. Some of them are now having problems with their income especially the freelancers on the industry. Some of the alternative jobs that they can find are scarce. Some described the pandemic as a worst timing possible for the workers.

Nevertheless, according to an article from Grammys, despite the negative outlook of the virus in the industry, the streaming side is becoming popular. 80% of the revenue in the industry today comes from streaming, and some artists are earning even a minimum wage in streaming rather than on a radio.

The Industry Takes a hit

The virus, which is suspected to have come from a seafood market in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, can disrupt anything, from aviation, manufacturing, tourism, and now even the music industry. One article from Vulture says that the virus is a nightmare that everyone must fight.

One surprise, however, is that a CEO of a record label company has tested positive for COViD - 19. Lucian Grainge, one of the most influential persons in the industry, turns out to have been infected. Such findings shook the industry. Grange, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, manages big names like Drake and Taylor. He is now the first person from the music industry that was contacted with the virus.

According to Forbes, Grainge's result came as a surprise, and it shows how the industry is facing a threat in its physical staff. His diagnosis caused the music industry to raise its level of awareness regarding the coronavirus. 

The efforts to stop the virus is both a blessing and a curse. For one, it is done to save lives, but on the other hand, it disrupts anything on its path, and the music industry is caught off guard. 

We hope that by the time the virus stops totally, the music industry will bounce back and create new songs for the people to listen to.