Hard rock and metal music is still a popular genre. If you are into this kind of music, here are some of the newly released hard rock and metal albums.

What The Dead Men Say

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The album is newest for Trivium. It was released April 24. The band declined to postpone the release of the album, so it came out despite the lockdown. The album contains 10 songs and is labeled by Roadrunner Records. It topped as a best seller in both rock and hard rock and metal albums. Some of the songs are "The Defiant," "Bleed Into Me," "Catastrophist," and "IX."

City Burials

city burials
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The album is the 16th for Swedish metal band Katatonia. It was released April 24 by Peaceville Records. It consists of 12 songs, including "Flicker," "Fighters," "Lachesis," "Vanishers," and "Neon Epitaph." According to a review from Metal Injection, the album is more upbeat and straightforward than its predecessors, and it has noticeably short songs. The album ranked second in sales for the hard rock and metal category and third in rock albums category. It got many positive reviews.


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The Finnish band Nightwish released this 17th album through Nuclear Blast Records on April 24. The songs included in the album were "Tribal," "Pan," "Shoemaker," "Procession," "Noise," "Endlessness," and the eight versions of the song "All the Works of Nature Which Adorn the World." The album has 17 songs. It received many positive and negative reviews like from amazing to "how the mighty have fallen." The album performed well as it was in sixth bestselling place in Hard Rock and Metal and tenth in bestselling Rock albums 

Titans of Creation

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Nuclear Blast released this album on April 3 instead of the original date of April 2. The album is the 18th for the Berkeley-based band Testament. According to a review from Metal Injection, the album follows the typical musical flow of the band, but there are plenty of ideas to keep the band forward. The review added that the time of pre-production made the songs in the album refined and remove many fillers in their songs. The album consists of 12 songs with some of them that are explicit or cannot be aired on the radio.

The songs include "Catacombs," "Symptoms," "Ishtar's Gate," "Code of Hammurabi," and "WWIII." The album was fifteenth in the Rock albums category, but it topped in the Thrash and Speed Metal category in being best sellers. It got many positive reviews.


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Omens is the 11th album of the Boston based band Elder. The album has only five songs but all are extended. Some of the songs are "Omens," "In Procession," "Halycon," "Embers," and "One Light Retreating." The album was released last April 24 by Armageddon Label. It ranked 12th in Hard Rock and Metal and 28th in Rock in terms of sales.

Most of the songs in some of the albums were explicit or not fit to be aired on radio.