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Pandemic in 2020 is one for the history books. Nothing has been the same ever since we were asked to stay-at-home. We are in the age of the new normal and are constantly finding ways or things to do to go through the day. 

Feeling stuck where you are now? Guess what, life has been giving us lemons - so let us make lemonade. If you are left with few options on what to do next and looking for something new, here are five things to do for stay-at-home music lovers.

  • Sharpen the saw

It is never too late to try out a new skill. Go and learn how to play with easy musical instruments.

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You can also pick up a new language! Kpop has invaded the universe so try to understand some Korean, thanks to BTS.

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  • Know how music can inspire while working from home

Don't let the routine of your job burn you out. Learn how music can enhance your workflow and raise productivity in what you do.

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  • Hone that voice

Brush up on your singing tune by yourself or with your co-lock mate and try belting out those duets

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  • Listen and follow your faves

Since mass gatherings are prohibited at this point, major concerts were moved until next year to promote social distancing. In the process, many artists are visible with their online presence through streaming platforms. Follow them on their social media or watch their virtual concerts while you can catch them. 

Another thing you can do is go over your collection of vinyl records and keep the music alive of your faves. Tired of hearing the same 'ol stuff? Now is the best time to update your compilation whether you are a rock music lover or an MJ diehard or forever Elvis fan or a keeper of box sets

No turntable yet? Try to check where to get one, click here and start building your music library.

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  • Play games

Keep the fun at home by going over puzzle pieces to beat boredom just like Oprah.

Some states are slowly "opening" again. Others are following very soon. Many of us are raring to go out and do "normal" stuff. Some of us are still stuck at home, preferring to be safe than sorry. One thing is for sure - this particular day will end, and yes, there is tomorrow and it is another day. 

Wash your hands (don't forget to sing the birthday song twice), wear a mask, know your distance, follow rules, call your folks, keep healthy, stay safe, stay sane, listen to music - survive!. Remember, we are all in this together. Peace out!

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