According to a press statement, Mariah Carey will be releasing a trove of archived performances in celebration of her career's 30th anniversary.

Dubbed #MC30, Carey's team will be releasing new content every week. The trove contains digital EPs, remixes of her previous singles, and previously unreleased tracks from the artist's three-decade career. The press statement added that the unearthing of rare Mariah Carey material also includes footage, photos, and even personal notes.

Mariah Carey has started the #MC30 last Friday, July 17, with her 1990 performance. "The Live Debut" features Carey's show at the Tatou Club in New York, on October 22, 1990. In the 17-minute video, the Songbird Supreme performs "Vision of Love." It marked her first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Also included in her setlist are other songs from her self-titled debut, including "Love Takes Time" and "Vanishing."

The Meaning of Mariah Carey

#MC30 follows the singer's earlier-announced memoir, titled: "The Meaning of Mariah Carey." The singer made the announcement through her social media channels last July 9. Her memoir would be available on September 29 this year.

In a statement that came with her Twitter announcement, Mimi said, "It took me a lifetime to have the courage and the clarity to write my memoir." She added that she wants to tell the story of the moments that contributed to who she is today.

Mariah Carey added that there are countless stories in her career and her "very public personal life." However, she recognized that it was impossible "to communicate the complexities and depths" of her experience in magazines or television interviews.

In her statement, she describes the memoir as being composed of her memories, mishaps, struggles, survival, and songs. For Mimi, the writing experience was "incredibly hard, humbling and healing."

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30 years of the one and only

Mariah Carey has started her journey in music by moving out of Long Island and into Manhattan. She carried a demo tape, which she regularly updated with newly-produced tracks. Most of the songs in her demo tape were co-written with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Ben Margulies. 

She later secured a back-up singing job for Brenda K. Starr. Starr would later assist her in finding a record exec to listen to her demo tape.

Mariah Carey was discovered by Tommy Mottola, former CEO of the Sony Music Entertainment group. Since then, she has released fifteen studio albums starting with her self-titled debut in 1990. She has also released seven compilation albums and one remix album. 

As a singer, she is best known for her five-octave range. She also had her signature vocal runs and use of the whistle register. She has won five Grammy Awards from 34 nominations. Aside from her Grammys, Carey has 34 BMI Pop Music Awards and 15 Billboard Music Awards.

As one of the best-selling artists of all time, she has already moved more than 200 million records. She also has 19 singles peaking at No. 1 in the US singles charts. Mariah Carey also holds the recordsst as he first artist to have her first five singles consecutively topping the charts on the Billboard Hot 100. Her historic run started with "Vision of Love" up until "Emotions."

Watch Mariah Carey's "The Live Debut," before her 30th Anniversary this year, below: