Tove Lo, a Los Angeles-based Swedish singer, will be making her acting debut in the upcoming film "The Emigrants", a $10M Scandi epic from local major SF Studios. SF Studios has been around for more than a century and have produced numerous successful films such as "The Seventh Seal", "Bord/McEnroe", "Horizon Line", "Margrete Queen of the North", and the Swedish Netflix series "Snabba Cash (Eash Money)".

The film will be directed by Erik Poppe. The film is an adaption of Vilhelm Moberg's classic novels, that revolved around one and a half million Swedes who pursue a better life across the Atlantic during the mid-19th century. Production is scheduled to go start in the Western part of Sweden in September.

Tove Lo has expressed her dream in acting, and that hs is very happy to be part of this project. Though she never intended to become an actress, she is optimistic about this opportunity.

Tove Lo will be playing the role of Ulrika, and will be following in the steps of Swedish singer Monica Zetterlund. Zetterlund played the character in the Oscar-nominated 1971 film adaption of "The Emigrant", acting alongside popular Swedish actor Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann. This time, the cast includes Lisa Carlehed, Gustav Skarsgård, and Sofia Helin. Liv Ullmann will be acting in this movie as well but will be playing a different character.

When talking about the character, Tove Lo said, "It is a classic told from the female perspective, which I love. I also love the character of Ulrika, she is a fighter but still vulnerable."

Tove Lo recently flew out of the United States back to Sweden ahead of filming. When talking about shooting a huge feature film in the middle of the pandemic, she said she was not overly nervous. "Swedes are good at social distancing, but it seems they have clearly taken a different approach that I am not sure would work in other places... I don't really know how I feel but all the meetings and rehearsal so far around the film have been very careful and I trust the team will make sure to all the rules."

Erik Poppe, the director of the film, talked about bringing a new dimension to the well-known story, saying, "By getting to know the female characters and relationships between Kristina, Ulrika, and Judit, we got a new perspective in the understanding of 'The Emigrants' journey, which I thill will shine new dimensions to this well-known story."

SF's Fredrik Wikström Nicastro also talked about their dreams of making "The Emigrants" a major Swedish film, saying, "We would not be doing the books justice if we did not have the ambition to make this feature the major Swedish film of the decade. Kristina and Karl Oskar's story will take audiences through a life-changing journey as we see the love and struggled they undergo when they embark to start life over again together in America, and Ulrika has a central role to play in telling this story. I am convinced Tove Lo will be unforgettable in this role."

SF Studios will distribute "The Emigrants" in the Nordics. It is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2021. REInvent, which is SF Studio's partner, is handling international sales and release.

Tove Lo is one of Sweden's biggest artists. One of her most popular singles includes her song "Habits (Stay High)", which peaked at number three on the US Billboard Chart and has close to 700 million streams on YouTube and Spotify. She is also an accomplished songwriter, co-writing Lorde's "Homemade Dynamite" and Ellie Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do", which was featured on the "Fifty Shades of Grey" soundtrack and was nominated for a Grammy and a Golden Globe.

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