VIXX member Ravi has released an official statement of apology after being at the hot seat on social media for the controversial lyrics of his EP "Roses" track # 4 "Red Velvet." As reported by AllKPop, the trending song was just released last June 3.

According to NME, the lyrics to the song came off as overtly obscene and sexual, referring blatantly to the members of the famous girl group Red Velvet. The EP itself is an album revolving around the themes of love and romance.

With lines such as "I take a bite out of a red velvet." and "R.E.D.V.E.L.V.E.T Delicious" the song gained particular attention online.

 It also contains the lyrics "Dumb Dumb" and "Russian Roulette" which are song titles of the girl group Red Velvet. To many fans online, the song can be interpreted as offensive towards the girl group as well as the 'Red Velvet' fans especially since the singer and the members do not personally know each other. 

Many have demanded an apology from the VIXX member for the inappropriate song that was just recently released.

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GROOVL1N Releases Public Statement of Apology to 'Red Velvet', Permanently Deletes Track

When the issue blew up on social media, GROOVL1N, Ravi's official record label issued a public statement of apology regarding the issue. The official post and the English translation of the public statement is seen below:

"Hello, this is Ravi.

I would like to discuss the controversy surrounding the b-side track included in my new album, 'Roses'.

First and foremost, I would like to sincerely apologize to the members of the girl group Red Velvet, who were mentioned in the lyrics, and to all agency affiliates. Second, I apologize to the many fans who have watched over me.

I also apologize for my delayed apology, when I should have spoken up as soon as possible.

I struggled deeply about the order by which I should take responsibility for this recent issue. Earlier today, I delivered a personal apology to the members of Red Velvet through their agency, as well as to their affiliates. Of course, I feel a heavy burden for creating such an unfortunate situation in the first place. Not only that, but as someone responsible for an agency called GROOVL1N, I am deeply reflecting on my carelessness regarding this situation. I am ashamed that while working on the lyrics, I failed to realize how much the contents would cause discomfort for so many people.

I hoped to create a song with a sweet and bright energy; however, due to the fact that a specific group was mentioned, the particular artists as well as their fans were directly affected; as the lyricist of this track, I do believe that the responsibility for the issue falls to me.

As a result, I have come to an agreement with the music distributor to delete this track from all platforms. It may take some time before the change takes full effect; but I will do my best to take prompt measures.

Additionally, I promise to work on music with utmost care and caution from now on.

Once again, I apologize to all those who may have been disappointed in me through this recent issue, and I will do my best to not disappoint you again.

Thank you."

Along with the apology towards 'Red Velvet' and their fans, Ravi and his music distributor have also agreed to delete the track from all platforms due to its inappropriate content. The Entertainment industry in South Korea is known to act quick whenever controversies such as this arise, so this is not surprising anymore. 

The singer also promises his fans to be more cautious of his craft. So far, there have been no updates yet on 'Red Velvet's' reaction on the matter.

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