Balochistan has a reputation for being a chaotic region. This lawless Pakistani state has fought with several central administrations in numerous eras since the partition, causing disturbances and insurgencies. However, among the difficulties this region has faced, Chiragh Baloch, a digital entrepreneur, stands to represent the Balochi population in a positive light with his determination and efforts.

Chiragh Baloch, a native of Pasni in Balochistan, earned a master's degree in information technology in Moscow. Acknowledging his circumstances, he realized that he had to do something significant and beneficial for his country and people, not for himself. The Balochi community has been significantly affected by the turmoil that the country has experienced, and have been denied opportunities and rights that a typical Pakistani would have had. It's not easy for a Balochi to compete with an ordinary Pakistani when it comes to securing good opportunities for themselves.

VshGap Messenger and Baloch Tech, two of his successful start-ups, are examples of his offerings to his country and the world. VshGap is a chat app that is designed to be accessible and easy to use, whereas Baloch Tech is a website that helps customers with problems regarding software and web development. In 2017, Chiragh organized an exhibition of software, Baloch Tech Vision, at the Sindh Boy Scouts headquarters in Karachi, which provided a forum for talented young Balochi minds to share their ideas. It helped the youth of Balochistan to orient themselves with the tech business.

Another of his ventures, Baloch Host, has been used to create WhatsApp stickers targeted towards the Balochi population. Chiragh is also the creator of The Chiragh Baloch Show, which he broadcasts on his YouTube channel. The show highlights Balochi actors, directors, singers, and artists of all kinds, giving the world a glimpse of their skills and craft. Chiragh, who is constantly working to improve the perception of Balochi people in the mainstream media, came as a blessing for the Balochis.

Many other Balochis look up to him as an example. Anita Jalil Baloch, Gwadar's first female vlogger, is an individual who is challenging gender norms in our society. Anita seeks to improve the mainstream media's perception of Gwadar through her vlogs by portraying a more accurate portrayal of the city. "I discussed this concept with Chiragh Baloch, who is also a blogger," she stated of her motivation. "He was a huge inspiration to me, and I was a huge admirer. He gave me some basic blogging principles, and the rest is history."

Slowly, Chiragh is becoming one of the most influential celebrities on social media. In addition, thanks to his acting talents, he is starting to make waves in the cinematic world. Many directors and producers are in talks with him, and it is assumed that he will soon make his official debut on both TV and the big screen. Chiragh acts as a reminder for us that we can do everything we set our minds to, no matter how difficult it may be.