Internet Comedic Rapper Lil Dicky recently just revealed the reason why he turned down his music video of "White Dude" on Video streaming platform YouTube. Fans were surprised about the sudden event and the reason behind it has just been revealed now. This comes along as he reveals his controversial past in an exclusive interview with GQ .

Lil Dicky Admits Being Insensitive About His Art With 'White Dude' MV

According to Billboard, the music video for "White Dude" was released last 2013 on the official YouTube page of the singer. The 33-year old rapper shares in an interview how this seemingly comedic genius masterpiece turns out to be the  bane of his existence during that time. This is after he has faced numerous backlash for depicting "Dicky" a conventional white guy riding through the tides of life and getting away with anything much easier than blacks or people of color.

According to some critics, the video depicts so much of white superiority and exceptionalism, highlighting the apparent racism going on in the society. 

When asked about the real reason he turned down the video, the singer said, "Even though I knew I was never serious with it and it was just a joke, it just didn't feel like a joke I was proud of. And I don't like making jokes I'm not proud of."

He highlights how despite the many speculations of why he has put down the video, he seemingly stands by the fact that sometimes, there are just jokes that he's not proud of. 

He also added that he very much knows "how insensitive my art can be, but I'm a very sensitive person and I hate offending people. If I see anybody that's offended by something I'm doing, it really hurts my heart, truly."

The singer says that he tries his best to keep his comedy respectful to everyone, although there are just times when he goes way below the belt and offends a large group of people.

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Lil Dicky Thinks 'Freaky Friday' With Chris Brown is Just Fine Despite Still Featuring Racial Stereotypes

Lil Dicky is most notable today for his 2-18 smash hit "Freaky Friday" featuring R&B superstar Chris Brown. In the music video of the song, the two people switch bodies, where Lil Dicky gets to enjoy the thug black life of Chris Brown basking himself in women and luxury. He's also given himself the N-word pass, sung in words by Chris Brown himself. The song became so famous that it hit number 8 on the Billboard Charts, making it a global smash hit.

When asked about what Lil Dicky thinks of his more recent song "Freaky Friday", he says that he sees nothing wrong with it. 

"When I see people react to the song, I really think that it makes people laugh and it makes people happy. I don't think it's the type of thing that really is making the world a worse place, on a micro-specific, talking-about-the-song level.", he says.

In the conversation about why he had chosen to collaborate with superstar Chris Brown, despite his own controversial past with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Dicky notes that Brown's talent speaks for itself.

"With Chris Brown, we can do one of two things: We can never hear from him again and say 'I won't accept any Chris Brown whatsoever,' or I feel like we can allow him to use his talent for good," Dicky says "

Dicky believes he can leave things as is with his more recent songs but continually strives to be more careful not to offend anyone with his comedy.

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Written by Nikki Schmidt