RADWIMPS scored another project for "One Piece."

Following the success of "SHIN SEKAI (Nowhere)," RADWIMPS announced the release of its new song that will serve as "One Piece" theme song.

On its official Facebook page, the Japanese rock band posted an 11-second clip with the text "#202107222100." The number stands for "July 22, 2021, 9:00PM" - the release date of their new song.

"RADWIMPS' new track will be a theme song for "WE ARE ONE."CELEBRATION MOVIES FOR THE RELEASE OF"ONE PIECE" MANGA VOL.100 & ANIME EPISODE 1,000!" it captioned the post.

The band added that they will make some announcements on its YouTube channel following the premiere. The video also shows the same hashtag, and it already reached thousands of their fans all over the globe.

Fans of RADWIMPS and "One Piece" rejoiced as they saw the news about the collaboration between their favorite band and anime. For what it's worth, the manga series started strengthening Japan's entertainment industry in July 1997.

Made by Eiichiro Oda, the manga eventually received its anime series treatment through Toei Animation. As of July 2021, the mange had 490 million copies in 58 countries worldwide. Meanwhile, its series version remains one of the highest-grossing anime franchises of all time.

The Power of RADWIMPS

It was not the first time RADWIMPS made something for an anime flick.

The same Japanese rock band heralded two of the latest Makoto Shinkai movies.

In 2016, the band recorded the 72-minute album for "Your Name" (Kimi No Na Wa). The album contains 27 tracks, including all the background music used throughout the film.

It received two US Deluxe Editions that run for 67 minutes and 21 minutes, respectively.

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Throughout its run, the album secured the number one spots on Oricon's Japan Weekly Albums, Billboard's Japan Hot Albums, and Billboard's Japan Top Album sales.

The same album reached 2x Platinum and Gold certifications from Japan (RIAJ) for selling over half a million and 100,000 copies worldwide.

The greatest awards it scored include Outstanding Achievement in Music during the 40th Japan Academy Price and Soundtrack Album of the Year at the 31st Japan Gold Disc Award.

RADWIMPS' most recent masterpiece for Shinkai was for "Weathering With You." The album of the same name served as the band's 11th studio album. Like its predecessor, the album also dominated Oricon's Japanese Albums and Billboard's Japanese Hot Albums.

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