ONE OK ROCK delivered surprises for their fans ahead of their scheduled four-day online acoustic concert.

The arrival of ONE OK ROCK's new song "Broken Heart of Gold" also signaled the official announcement of the rock band's upcoming virtual tour.

Through a YouTube livestream, the Japanese band revealed that they will be having an online acoustic concert from July 22 to 25. They will also welcome live audience, but clarified that it will only be limited.

According to the hit band, they will conquer the Yamanashi prefecture's stage for the concert.

They will also hold a live stream on July 31. As of the writing, 583 fans already signed up for the party.

The online events came after the band worked with Sheeran for the official track of "Ruruoni Kenshin: The Final."

ONE OK ROCK x Ruruoni Kenshin

Aside from "Renegades," ONE OK ROCK also worked on "Broken Heart of Gold" which will be part of the same Japanese film. They originally released it on the midnight of May 28.

The song's lyrics perfectly fit the themes of the previous "Ruruoni Kenshin" films. It is more special than expected as they worked with Grammy-nominated producer Dan Lancaster to give birth to the track.

Lancaster also helped them create the tracks "Taking Off" and "Eye of the Storm."

Ever since the first movie of the franchise released, the award-winning rock band has been giving their music to the movies.

In 2012, the first "Ruruoni Kenshin" movie used OOR's "The Beginning." The collaboration continued with "Might Long Fall" for "Ruruoni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno" and "Heartache" for Ruruoni Kenshin: The Legend Ends."

ONE OK ROCK Conquering Hollywood

It all all started when they formed the band in 2005 and gave themselves the name ONE OK ROCK.

Their music continued to dominate music charts in the past years until they expanded their international success.

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In 2015, they signed with Warner Bros. Records and offered a new version of "35xxxv" with all the English tracks. Since they began their American tour, ONE OK ROCK already worked with several award-winning acts, including All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens.

They went on to sign with Fueled by Ramen the following year. Among the awards under their belt includes the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards for Eastern Breakthrough Male Band and Rock Sound Awards for Best International Band, among others.

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