Gary Rossington shocked his and Lynyrd Skynyrd's fans after the news about his emergency heart surgery emerged.

Lynyrd Skynyrd revealed over the weekend that its last active original member, Rossington, successfully underwent a heart procedure.

Gary Rossington Update: Guitarist Underwent Emergency Surgery

Through a Facebook post, the rock band delivered the message Rossington wants to tell their fans. According to Lynyrd Skynyrd, the guitarist is already recovering at home. Despite receiving urgent medical care, he reportedly wants to assure everyone that he is now doing good.

While his current health will not allow him to perform, Rossington told the band to go on and hold their tours without him.

"After this past year, the country being shut down and everything we have all been thru, The Rossington's encouraged the band to go perform in his absence. Music is a powerful healer! We all felt playing the shows and bringing the music to y'all was a better option than cancelling the performances," the post said.

They are scheduled to appear in several shows from August 27 until November 19.

It concluded the post by wishing the guitarist a speedy recovery. The band also asked everyone a favor and leave positive messages to him as he recovers.

Lynyrd Skynyrd shared the same update on their Instagram account.

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Meanwhile, Ross Schilling of Vector Management told USA TODAY a similar update about Rossington, confirming his continuous monitoring after the surgery. He added that the musician will stay in Alpharetta until he could return to the stage again.

In addition, the Ultimate Classic Rock quoted Johnny Van Zant's statement regarding Rossington's health. Per the lead singer, an emergency stent was put in the guitarist's heart.

Gary Rossington's Health Issues

It was not the first time Rossington alarmed everyone, though.

In a timeline shared by Rolling Stone, it revealed that he already received initial heart surgery in 2015 due to his several heart issues. Years later, he received surgery to repair his heart valve.

The 2019 procedure reportedly caused him to postpone the scheduled Lynyrd Skynyrd tour.

During his absence, the rock band hailed Alabama-based guitarist Damon Johnson to work with them as Rossington continues his recovery.

As of the writing, Rossington's family has not released an official statement yet.

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