Kanye West will not tolerate all types of homophobic statements from anybody.

Recently, HotNewHipHop reported that the 44-year-old award-winning rapper removed a remix of his song "Nah Nah Nah" featuring DaBaby from streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal over the weekend.

The remix was released last year also featured 2Chainz.

The song's removal comes two weeks after the "BOP" rapper received a lot of heat for his homophobic comments at Miami's Rolling Loud Festival, which took place on Jul. 25.

Since DaBaby's comments, he has been let go of festivals and even lost brand deals and partnerships.

Though he has apologized for his comments on social media, it isn't stopping other artists from condemning him and remove him from their line-ups or music.

Fans react to the news of his removal on social media, sharing screenshots of the apps with a notification that said, "Looks like 'Nah Nah Nah (Remix) [feat. DaBaby & 2Chainz]' is no longer available."

Most of them think that Kanye West "deleted" the song ahead of the highly-anticipated 10th studio album "Donda."

Meanwhile, others have expressed they weren't shocked by the "Jesus Is King" rapper's move because of the trouble DaBaby has gotten into.

@JTuman21 tweeted, "DaBaby really put his all into a top 5 verse of his career and Kanye just deleted it."

A second person, @__Pito, tweeted, "Kanye West removed DaBaby from his apple page," which also included two laughing-crying emojis.

@PositionsTears reacted, "Kanye, I really love canceling you... BUT DABABY'S CANCELLATION IS THE BEST CANCELLATION OF ALL TIMES."

Kanye West may seem to take a stand against DaBaby, but neither has commented on the song's removal on several streaming platforms.

This comes after the "Ball If I Want To" rapper's controversial remarks on the LGBTQ+ community regarding HIV/AIDS.

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Meanwhile, an interview from more than 15 years ago of the Yeezy creator surfaced recently where he passionately defended the LGBTQ+ community and even called out discrimination in the hip-hop industry.

Speaking on the 2005 interview with MTV, the Sunday Service creator revealed that people would often use the word gay as an insult in high school and people kept asking him if he was.

He expressed in the interview, "If you see something and you don't want to be that because there's such a negative connotation towards it, you try to separate yourself from it so much that it made me homophobic by the time I was through with high school."

Kanye added, "But everybody in hip-hop discriminates against gay people. To me, that's one of the standards of hip-hop. Matter of fact, the exact opposite word of 'hip-hop' I think is 'gay.'"

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