On a day when nothing seems to be working out, the one thing that gets you going is blasting a song out loud that you sing along, and Trev Daddy's got the right fix for you. 

Inspired by the carefree, fun party lifestyle and NELK, the popular YouTube channel, Trev Daddy started his music career as a DJ when he was 16. He then moved to LA with a head full of dreams and a bag with ten button-down shirts. As an artist, he has always imagined his music being played at a party where everyone's enjoying while shouting out the lyrics. And his hit single Button Down Summer fits the bill perfectly. 

The song, an instant mood lifter, is what everyone would want to listen to at a party in the summer. And who doesn't like to party? Bummers, according to the song. As he talks about the success of his song, he says, "I made a short demo of the tune I had in mind and sent it to my friends in Canada. The song began to build a buzz and was getting unreleased spins at bars in Ontario." 

After Trev Daddy heard about the song faring well, he completed and released it with a plan to let it grow organically. The song became popular worldwide within just a week and even featured on the live stream of T-Pain who appreciated the music. Trev Daddy was ecstatic on finding out that BUTTON DOWN SUMMER even made its way to popular radio shows in Canada. He thinks the song did so well because it's the kind of music that everyone identifies with. 

So, if you're having a bad day, Trev Daddy's advice would be to grab a can of NELK's Happy Days and turn up the volume on BUTTON DOWN SUMMER.