Lead singer for the metal bands Trouble and The Skull, Eric Wagner, passed away after reports of hospitalization and contracting COVID-19.

Wagner's son, Luke Wagner, confirmed on Sunday, August 22, that his father died as he suffered from pneumonia after he contracted COVID-19. As reported by this article, if statements are to be believed, Wagner was not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Wagner's former The Skull bandmate, Chuck Robinson, also posted on Facebook, "This morning I awoke to the worst news... We are all truly devastated.. My dear friend, band mate and brother Eric Wagner has passed. Goodnight Tempter.. We love you.."

According to Loudwire, The Skull recently announced that they would be having their "The Obsessed" tour. Citing the surge in COVID cases nationwide, the Delta variant of the virus is also present.

The group even declared that they withdrew from their "Psycho Las Vegas" festival appearance after announcing that Wagner has been hospitalized due to pneumonia.

Eric Wagner passed away at the age of 62.

Eric Wagner In The Music Scene

Eric Wagner joined two years after the formation of The Skull in 1981. The lead vocal sang numerous songs for the group, including "Psalm 9," "The Skull," "Run to the Light," "Trouble," "Manic Frustration," and "Plastic Green Head" before he left in 1997.

As Wagner returned, he joined Trouble in 1981 and 1997. By 2000, he came and issued a new album, "Simple Mind Condition," in 2007, which was their last with the vocalist. He later left the following year again.

By 2012, The Skull was formed where Wagner was joined with previous Trouble members, referencing their 1985 record. They recently released two albums, namely, "For Those Which Are Asleep" in 2014 and "The Endless Road Turns Black" in 2018.

According to reports, Wagner was even recording under the band name Blackfinge recently.

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Fans Give Tribute To Singer

As soon as the news was announced of Wagner's passing, fans already shared their message through various social media platforms.

More have given Eric Wagner tributes for being an iconic member of The Skull and Trouble as the community lost another doom metal icon.

They have also started leaving messages regarding how his songs helped numerous people through their teenage years, and some were even blaming COVID for the situation.

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