The former iKON member, B.I, with the real name Kim Hanbin pleaded to the court before his first trial on drug purchase and administration charges.

The star submitted a written apology on August 25 before his first hearing, and by the morning of August 27, the trial happened. After the first hearing, the prosecution asked the court for a three-year jail sentence, and 1.5M won for a fine.

B.I. was indicted in May 2021 as he attempted to purchase marijuana and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) in 2016. And as the source reported, an informant named Han Seohee claimed that he bought these drugs from her.

In February 2020, Hanbin had negative results after a test on drug use. Yet, he was indicted without detention by the violent crimes department of Seoul Central District to purchase illegal drugs.

According to this article, a letter of apology often works in favor of those charged as it would help the judiciary sympathize with the accused.

B.I. After Being In iKON

By 2019, the controversy damaged B.I.'s name as allegations about him buying drugs and abuse were brought up, which led to him departing from the group and contract termination with YG Entertainment.

Since then, there have been other allegations that former CEO of Y.G. Entertainment, Yang Hyunsuk, had covered up police investigations last year.

His trial was supposed to be on July 9, 2021, but they moved it due to a confirmed case of COVID-19.

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Fans In Full Support With Rapper

The rapper was able to save his career as he continued to release songs under IOK Music and 131 Label in October 2020 after he gave himself time for self-reflection.

In June, he released a solo album with "Waterfall" and his first online concert as a solo artist.

As drug use is a mental health-related issue, B. I. has also admitted to seeking help in the form of illegal drugs, although he has never admitted to consuming them. Fans have always been supportive of him and wish for his freedom.

Of course, some fans are still willing to support B.I. in his trials as they wish for his freedom.

  There were statements from Twitter leaving a stroke of good luck to the artist, and they are proud of him still.

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