Lil Nas X shoos away the negativities that are bad to his baby.

Only a few days before Lil Nas X conquers music charts again, the young musician surprised everyone with his pregnancy-themed photoshoot for his upcoming album, "Montero."

The photos, which are now viral, feature the 22-year-old cradling his fake baby bump. His fans immediately applauded him for the theme he chose and for giving them a unique album promotion.

Some people still raised their eyebrows upon seeing the pictures and questioned the singer over his choices.

However, Lil Nas X refused to be beaten down by haters, that he continuously acted as if he is really pregnant.

In one tweet, the singer hilariously said, "these contractions are killing me." He also replied to a tweet calling him ugly. According to him, no one has the right to call a young mother ugly.


His tweets surely caught more attention that people referred to him as an attention-seeking individual. But even with that criticism, Lil Nas X hit back and roast them with, "niggas be like "you desperate for attention," then proceed to give it to me.

Not the First Controversial Post?

Before the pregnancy-themed photoshoot emerged, Lil Nas X showed the most creative way of addressing the issues thrown at him.

In July, the singer uploaded a video titled "Nike v. Lil Nas X - Satan Shoes Trial" as part of his single "Industry Baby." He also took his time to shade all his recent issues.

The two-minute video features a judge video calling his girlfriend before cutting off the conversation and says, "I'm bored. I'll call you back. I'm doing this little court case with Nike and this little gay n-."

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The jury is also seen passing around his Satan shoes before the scene changes. As the prosecutor, he asks the defendant's version of himself if he is gay. He rephrases the question to "Do yo momma know you gay?" Lil Nas X responds, "yes."

Lil Nas X got people's attention even more after his "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" performance at BET Awards. At that time, he ended his song by kissing a male background dancer who is reportedly his current boyfriend. Most internet users claimed that the public display was too inappropriate.

As of the writing, the singer wants to do nothing but protect his "baby" - his new album -which is due to arrive this month.

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