iKON member Junhoe will soon grace the big screen.

Junhoe will finally unleash his acting skills on the upcoming 2022 film. As reported by South Korean news outlet Sports Choson, the K-pop idol made it to the list of cast members for "Even If I Die, One More Time" (working title), where he will play a major role.

The movie will reportedly start its production next month and continue working to meet its 2022 release date.

Junhoe will play the role of Bong Gyun, Woo Seok (Jo Byeong-Gyu) high school friend and will flaunt his usual cool and charming playboy as he always is with iKON. In addition, the movie will serve as his official debut on the big screen.

Meanwhile, lead star Jo Byeong Gyu famously appeared on "The Uncanny Counter." His character, who dreamt of becoming an actor, will be given a chance to return to his high school days.

More Milestones For iKON

Aside from working alone, Junhoe also has a blooming career with his boy group.

Most recently, iKON wowed the viewers of "Kingdom: Legendary War" with their performance with BLACKPINK Lisa. The group created its own rendition of BLACKPINK's 2020 song, "Pretty Savage."

Meanwhile, iKON also recently celebrated a new milestone for their music video, "Killing Me." The 2018 masterpiece garnered 200 million views on YouTube.

According to YG Entertainment, the song became the second iKON music video to ever reach the mark following "Love Scenario" with 500 million views.

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Amid all the recognitions the group currently has, Junhoe once spoke about his frustrations over his career and solo opportunities - long before he landed his recent main movie role.

In one of the episodes of the group's reality show, "iKON's Type: One Summer Night," members are given their chance to have a healing trip while enjoying their lives away from the spotlight. The boys also share honest and deep conversations during the tour.

During the episode 5 and 6, iKON members began talking about their solo debuts. Junhoe also overcomes his water and heights fears by riding on a water slide. The member then wishes all members to have solo activities before going candid about his frustrations.

Talking with iKON Bobby, Junhoe confessed he has a lot of things he wants to do but cannot right now.

"There were many things I wanted to do, such as writing a book or a musical, but the opportunity didn't come. I feel like I have to do something now," he said.

As he finally found his spotlight in the movie industry, their fans reminded him to take one step at a time and how his perfect moment will always come.

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