Are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel still having marriage problems?

They are reportedly committed to making their marriage work after a rough past couple of years that they want to leave Hollywood.

According to Life & Style, being in the spotlight didn't help their marriage at all.

The couple, who got married in 2012, has reportedly purchased a property in Montana to raise their two children, Silas Randall and Phineas.

An insider revealed how Timberlake and Biel love Montana so much already.

"The air is fresh, and there are acres of land for their boys to play on."

Being in Hollywood for years, it reportedly didn't do them any good, especially when news of Timberlake allegedly cheating on Biel surfaced in 2019.

With this big move, they are reportedly hoping to fix their marriage.

"Living in Hollywood wasn't doing them any good. They will hope the move will save their relationship."

Justin Timberlake Cheated on Jessica Biel?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel first became an item in 2007, and since then, they have been plagued with breakup rumors.

They later tied the knot and had two kids, but the rumor didn't stop.

But there was proof that Timberlake had an incident with his co-star Alisha Wainwright.

In November 2019, the "Cry Me A River" singer and Wainwright spent time alone in a bar in New Orleans, the location of their movie production "Palmer."

They went out for drinks, and then photos and videos surfaced online where they seemed to look too close and personal with each other, touching hands, and at one point, Wainwright even rested her hand on Timberlake's knees.

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Repeating the Same Mistake In Hollywood

Several outlets speculated that Jessica Biel was leaving Justin Timberlake at the time.

But they didn't and could stay together, but according to the source, Biel is now afraid that he will repeat the same mistake if the y remained in Hollywood.

Life & Style's source said, "It would be her worst nightmare if it happened again with another actress."

"So she suggested they move away from the temptations of Hollywood. Justin would do anything to make Jessica happy. And, so far, the move to Montana is working."

The Truth About Biel and Timberlake

However, one should take Life & Style's report with a grain of salt. Neither Justin Timberlake nor Jessica Biel confirmed they are leaving Hollywood.

And as for Timberlake cheating on his wife, the video and photos that surfaced online didn't show anything that suggested he and Wainwright did something terrible.

Nothing also happened between the two as they were only two co-workers blowing off steam after a tiring workday.

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