Employees from the cookie shop where It has been reported that the employees of Makeda's cookie shop are currently traumatized after witnessing the rapper Young Dolph getting shot last Wednesday. 

Three employees were present during the incident however none of them were physically harmed.

The management has been doing everything they could to support the staff and has closed the store indefinitely. Even though none of the staff were shot or harmed, it's evident that they were pretty shaken up about it. 

The staff were reportedly distraught and in disbelief. The employees who got to witness the shooting first hand are allowed to take their time off until they feel stable enough to return while still being on the payroll, said Maurice and Pamela, the owners of the cookie store.

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A video circulated online showing another fellow that was shot in the same area near Young Dolph's memorial a day after his demise. Fortunately the victim is not in a critical condition at the moment. 

According to the Memphis Police, Young Dolph was allegedly targeted by the gunmen. Last Wednesday, the 36 year-old rapper was scheduled to hand out tons of turkeys to his old neighborhood for his annual thanksgiving giveaway. His plan was to head straight to the venue after buying cookies like he regularly does from the cookie store.

Two gunmen drove up and shot him with an AK-47 and another aimed with what seemed to be a handgun. The shooters pulled up in a white Mercedes benz before running past the rapper's car and shooting into the cookie shop. Investigations state that the scene was caught in one of the surveillance cameras

Moments before his death, it was seen that the rapper was rolling around his corvette stingray. Around the same year, a shooting incident also occurred when he was in Charlotte NYC. His SUV was shot over a hundred times. A warrant for Blac Youngsta was issued but he later turned himself in. However the charges were dropped eventually. A whooping $600,000 was dropped for a pair of bulletproof vehicles incase of gunfire due to jealousy for being rich and successful. 

The Memphis police released a statement saying that the experience was an example of a senseless gun violence. The "Major" rapper has been pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting. Their hearts go out to the Thornton Family and those who are affected by the horrific act of violence. His untimely death has left his 2 children fatherless. 

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