Jessie J recently proved that singing and performing are her coping mechanisms as she recently had a gig in Los Angeles hours after announcing to the world that she had gotten a miscarriage.

According to Daily Mail UK, the British pop star recently performed in a two-hour intimate show at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, California.

The 33-year-old singer sang her heart out as she broke down in tears in the middle of her performance. (watch a clip of her show below)

Jessie J said she "never felt more alone" after losing her baby. Speaking to her fans, the singer said she decided to have a baby by herself, and "it worked for a little while" until she received the devastating news from her doctor.

"yesterday was f******* s***," the "Who You Are" hitmaker stressed.

Aside from having a miscarriage, Jessie J considers this year the "hardest" one he ever had to go through because she also had a medical problem called Menieres last December which caused her to lose her hearing.

At one point last year, she also lost her voice which she described as "awful."

"Then I lost my baby. I know I'm going to be okay because there is really nothing else to choose in the way I live," she added.

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Jessie J Opens Up About Miscarriage

In early reports, Jessie J shared one of the tremendous losses of her life. Taking to her Instagram, the singer shared a photo of herself with a negative pregnancy test.

In the caption, the "Thunder" songstress said she was talking to a friend about how she would get through her show without telling the crowd that she was expecting a baby.

Later that day, the unexpected happened as her doctor told her that the baby had no longer a heartbeat.

Despite suffering from a devastating heartbreak, the singer decided to continue her show, even though she knew that fans would tell her to cancel it.

The singer later clarified that she's not going to perform for the sake of avoiding the grieving process but rather, to use singing as a way to help herself.

"Im still in shock, the sadness is overwhelming. But I know I am strong, and I know I will be okay," she wrote.

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