June 18, 2018 / 9:30 AM

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Get to Know Christian Singer Songwriter Staci Frenes



(Photo : Staci Frenes)
Staci Frenes
Staci Frenes has been writing and playing music since the age of 12. This wife, mom, UC-Berkeley graduate and former English teacher is now 8 albums into her career and she's found her music on radio as well as major network shows like America's Next Top Model, Nashville, One Life To Live and Summerland.

Real to the core, Staci is the artist that will sit with you over cold french fries, snacking and chatting about life and being honest about its ups and downs. This realness comes out in her songwriting too. She doesn't write songs that paint a picture where "everything is sunshine and roses" when life is throwing her curveballs. Her latest album, Everything You Love Comes Alive, is a perfect example of that. Her family went through a rough time, losing their home when the real estate market crashed and going through personal issues. Life looked dark and she felt it to her core. She explained, "Everything that was good and beautiful in our lives seemed to crumble before our eyes. I was ashamed, depressed and fearful of an uncertain future. I let my heart just kind of shut down; it was easier than dealing with the pain." However, despite her belief that she had sealed up her heart to isolate the pain, God's love seeped in. That healing love pushed her back to her guitar and the music began to flow.

Staci's heart is huge and her talent is absolute. It's also, apparently, something that runs in the family. The video below is of Staci and her daughter Abby covering "A Life That's Good." To sum it up in one word ... Wow!

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