DJ Mustard recently had a sit down with veteran hip-hop journalism Elliott Wilson as a part of his CRWN series. During the chat, Mustard opened up about an assortment of things, including his discontentment with Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," according to HipHopDX. 

As Music Times previously noted, the track does sound eerily similar to Mustard's production. 

"At first I was like, 'Yeah, you trippin,'" DJ Mustard said. "I know Iggy. We know her. She used to be chillin' with me, [Ty Dolla $ign], YG. She used to be chillin' with us. She knows the sound. She knows how hard we was working to make that sound and for you to go to somebody else or for you to do whatever you did, whatever they did and just be like, 'Oh this is new and I don't know why Mustard dissed...' No. You know why." 

Back in 2011, Iggy and YG collaborated on a track called "D.R.U.G.S." and again on "You." 

During a June appearance on TimWestwoodTV, YG rapped about the similarities between the prduction for "Fancy" and Mustard's work in a freestyle. 

"And DJ Mustard, that n***a producers is they jocking / 'Fancy,' don't it sound like he produced that s**t?" 

However, there has been controversy over who originated the sound DJ Mustard claims as his own. 

In May, Oakland rapper Mistah F.A.B. claimed that DJ Mustard borrowed his production from a Bay Area style.  

"We created a sound in the Bay Area and it took several years for it to catch on," F.A.B. said at the time. "The Mustard sound that's pippin' right now...That was created in the Bay Area. We not mad at it at all. I'm not mad at it because I'm still able to get in and do what I do."