June 20, 2018 / 5:28 AM

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Nalani & Sarina 'Get Away' Music Video Premiere from New Album 'Lessons Learned' [EXCLUSIVE]



When some acts have to perform live and acoustic, they end up really missing something — a spark isn't quite as bright or the vocals are just a little off. Sister duo Nalani & Sarina are not one of those acts. In the brand new music video for "Get Away" off their new album Lessons Learned, Nalani & Sarina strip down their sound but manage to keep it a grooving, stunning pop tune. We're premiering it here, exclusively at Music Times.

Equipped only with two acoustic guitars and their voices at Spaceboy Clothing in Wilmington, Delaware, Nalani & Sarina get out their angst in the clip, all while looking fittingly stunning and sassy.

Lyrically, "Get Away" pulls from an emotion we've all experienced — workplace frustration — though Nalani & Sarina are in the music industry, so their experience is maybe just a little different, and they express it through song.

"It was honestly just a moment of frustration and feeling very overwhelmed. We were learning a lot more about the music industry and just... it was a point where everything was overwhelming. We released it all in the form of a song — it's almost like a rant, but it came out with a melody and a rhythm. So it just came out very naturally," they said in an interview with Music Times.

Though the song itself is set to a driving, upbeat melody, the grittiness of the lyrics comes through Nalani & Sarina's vocal delivery, which is full of growls and howls that will ignite any passions.

Set in a boutique, Nalani & Sarina pull from their own "classy but a little bit edgy" style for the music video.

Sarina is rocking out in a purple crop top and knee length leather skirt, while Nalani chose a netted white top and patterned pant. Though they describe themselves as the laidback type who prefer white T-shirts, Nalani & Sarina noted the importance of style in the pop music world — it's all about making an impression.

"In this day and age, it's really hard because what you see is everybody's first impression," they said. "So, you have to make sure [your style] represents how you are as a person, how you are for your music. So, it's definitely important for what we do."

Check out our exclusive video premiere of Nalani & Sarina's "Get Away" below:

For more information on Nalani & Sarina, check out their official website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel.

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