When you think of music creating social unrest, you probably think of the typical media scapegoats: censor-baiting performers that openly promote bad behavior with their music, such as Eminem, Marilyn Manson and N.W.A. It was, however, English alternative (and generally well-behaved) rock band The Stone Roses that caused crime to rise more than 800 percent in the London neighborhood of Finsbury Park, according to police. 

The band performed two sold-out shows in the park, an area that is looking to increase its concert totals in the future to bring in revenue. Local officials have some damning statistics that indicate visitors brought more than revenue however. 

Finsbury Park, a neighborhood located in the Northwest suburbs of London, experienced 195 police incidents in June, the month of the concerts, versus a mere 20 incidents during May. Police didn't indicate how many of the arrests and citations occurred on June 7 and 8, but they seemed fairly confident that the high total wasn't the result of day-to-day increase in crime. The offenses included "violent brawls, public urination and robbery from motor vehicles." 

The boost in crime made Finsbury Prk one of the top-ten worst neighborhoods for crime in the entirety of the U.K. for the month of June. 

Richard Wilson, the council leader for Haringey, said the events may cast doubt on plans for future concerts in the area. 

"It's really, really worrying that there has been such a big spike around the event and we need to ask questions of the council and police seeing as they want to increase the number of commercial concerts going on there," he said.