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Donald Trump Votes in New York

A Punk's Musical Guide to the New York Presidential Primary [PLAYLIST]

Buzz 15:20PM EDT

13 classy punk rock tunes to jam with while you're waiting on line to vote in New YorkREAD MORE

HR, front man of the band 'Bad Brains' performs on stage during the 'Save CBGB's' rally hosted by Steven Van Zandt in Washington Square Park August 31, 2005 in New York City.

Bad Brains Singer H.R., aka Paul D. Hudson, is Suffering From "Suicide Syndrome"

Buzz 11:42AM EDT

In a lengthy open letter to his fans, the caregiver of Bad Brains singer H.R., real name Paul D. Hudson, has announced the hardcore icon is currently suffering from a rare neurobiological disorder.READ MORE

Guitarist Dr. Know of Bad Brains performs onstage at the Virgin Festival By Virgin Mobile 2007 at Pimlico Race Course on August 5, 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Bad Brains' Gary "Dr. Know" Miller Hospitalized: Guitarist is "Fighting for his Life"

Buzz 21:00PM EDT

Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Bad Brains guitarist Gary "Dr. Know" Miller this week after learning that he's currently hospitalized and on life support. Reports are claiming that the seminal punk-rock guitarist is "fighting for his life" and that the music industry is showing plenty of love in hopes that good thoughts can help bring him out of this condition. The band has posted a message to its Facebook page in order to share words on this situation.READ MORE

Ramones -

10 Great Songs Named After Horror Films: Ramones, Black Sabbath, And More

Buzz 10:27AM EDT

Happy Halloween! If you don't have time to watch any scary movies today, try listening to these 10 songs instead, which are all named after horror movies.READ MORE

Beastie Boys

7 Great Artists Who Switched Genres Early in Their Careers: Pink Floyd, Beastie Boys and More

Buzz 14:47PM EDT

Though most musicians tend to evolve musically over the course of their careers, they usually stick to the same genre they started off in. But these seven, great artists — from Pink Floyd to the Beastie Boys — actually started off playing totally different styles of music early in their careers from the ones they eventually became known for.READ MORE

Wilco -

9 Album Covers That Depict The Artist's Hometown: Nas, Wilco, And More

Exclusives 14:39PM EDT

Plenty of musicians love to pay tribute to their hometowns in song lyrics, but these artists took these tributes a step further, by using album covers that depicted images of their hometowns.READ MORE

The Beatles

8 Band Names Inspired By Other Artist's Names: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, And More

Exclusives 17:01PM EDT

Coming up with a bandname is one of the most important and difficult steps of forming a band. While some artists like to take their names from a song by another artist, such as Radiohead (A Talking Heads song) or Pretty Girls Make Graves (a Smiths song), other artists have found inspiration in the actual names of other artists. Here are eight band names that were inspired by the names of other artists.READ MORE

Bruce Springsteen

7 Cover Songs That Sound Nothing Like The Original: Bruce Springsteen, Devo, And More

Exclusives 18:29PM EDT

Though most cover songs remain pretty much faithful to the original arrangement, an interesting cover song should take the basic elements of the original and build something entirely new and unique out of them. Here are seven cover songs that sound nothing like the original.READ MORE

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