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Music TimesMusic fans can find the most comprehensive music coverage spanning across all genres on Musictimes.com. Indulge in original features, interviews, music reviews, trending stories, and more about your favorite pop, rock, country, classical, hip hop, christian, latin, and jazz artists.

Musictimes.com is the flagship music publication of Music Times, LLC, a global music digital media company headquartered in New York City.


Chief Executive Officer

Emily Wittmann

Emily WittmannEmily is a talented media marketing executive with over twenty years of broad renowned experience in the entertainment industry. Her particular expertise is in maximizing her clients’ exposure in cable, broadcast, print and online media. She has a unique knack for collaborating with talent, artists, producers and directors to develop effective imaging and strategic marketing campaigns.

She has worked as Vice President for Universal Music group, Visual Marketing for Island/Def Jam, VP Video Promotion with A&M Records, media/marketing consultant with Witt’s End Marketing & Media serving clients such as Channel One Network. Prior, Emily ran Nick Records, the music label for Nickelodeon/MTV Networks working with talent, Drake Bell and Jamie Lynn Spears in addition to animated properties that included SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer. Emily also spent time as Vice President of Marketing at Edel Entertainment and has been part of the T.J. Martell Foundation’s Family Day for the last 10 years.

Her drive and passion for going beyond the expected and creating integrated strategic plans that bring together all lines of business make her a workforce in today’s marketplace.

Sections Editor

Ryan Book

Ryan BookRyan Book grew up in Cincinnati, which immediately became a hotbed for alternative rock as soon as he left to attend Ohio State University.

Ryan earned his degree in journalism from the Ohio State University, along with a minor in musicology. He served as arts editor for The Lantern, Ohio State's student daily during his undergrad career. Finding that this was not enough to secure him a writing job, Ryan pursued a M.S. at Columbia University in New York City. Unable to afford a ticket home, Ryan stayed in New York City and now writes for Music Times.

Ryan came upon grunge music about ten years after it was cool, and also dabbles heavily in metal and independent hip-hop. He has been the member of at least 1,400 theoretical bands, but only four have seen the light of day. He played bass in thrash metal band Rasputination, guitar in psychedelic grindcore band Unqualified Scum, and a variety of instruments in his current project, Gamelan Time Comin', an experimental group combining Mississippi blues with traditional Indonesian instruments.

Caitlin Carter

Caitlin CarterCaitlin Carter is a St. Louis-raised music lover who knew she wanted to be a writer since she was about seven years old. She used to write songs to her parents to get her out of trouble but eventually geared her talents to writing about music. She began playing guitar at age 13 and decided in high school that she wanted to be a journalist.

She attended the Missouri School of Journalism where she earned bachelors’ degrees in journalism and Spanish then continued her education at her alma mater for a master’s degree in journalism.

Previous to working as a sections editor at Music Times, she worked in many positions at Vox Magazine, an alt-weekly publication in Columbia, Mo. She started as a Music Department Editor then was the Managing Editor then the Deputy Editor.

After leaving Columbia, she moved back to St. Louis then headed to New York City to launch her career.

When she isn’t working, you can probably find her at a live show or music festival. But don’t expect her to ditch her St. Louis roots now that she has moved to the Big Apple. She’s a Cardinals and Blues fan for life.

Contributing Editor

Kim Jones

Kim JonesKim Jones has spent over a decade in the Christian Music industry, singing as a Worship Team member, fronting a Christian rock band and, of course, writing about the music that she loves. The former Christian Music Editor for Holy Spirit Interactive and Christian Music Expert for PopCircle has also been the voice of Christian Music and Gospel for About.com since 2003.

An ordained pastor since 2010, this mom of six and grandmother of two frequently uses music to help bridge the gap between the hurting and The Healer. She believes that music is one of the few things in life that can cross all boundaries and touch people regardless of who they are or where they are in life.

A voting member of the Gospel Music Association, Kim has spent enough time in green rooms backstage to qualify as a "road food" expert but she prefers eating at home with her family.

Social Media Manager

Morgan Swank

Morgan SwankMorgan Swank grew up in a small boring town in Georgia before hitting the road for Nashville, Tennessee in 2010 to begin university studies at Belmont University. There she majored in Music Business. While in college she worked as a freelance music journalist for The Vinyl District until the Fall of 2012 where she spent a semester in New York as a part of her degree program working for Broadway Video as Research Intern for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She also worked as the Digital Media Content Intern for Comedy Central. She graduated from Belmont a year early in the summer of 2013 and has been working hard for her money, so hard for it honey ever since.

Currently Morgan is the Social Media Manager for Music Times and its properties at Classicalite and MStars News trying to make all the tweets fun and interesting to read.

Fun Fact: She is also a member of the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences working her way towards an EGOT one elbow rub at a time.

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