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  • 5 Seconds Of Summer album artwork
    In The Albums Jul 23, 2014 EDT

    Junk Mail: 5 Seconds Of Summer's Self-Titled Debut Reviewed Via Email

    Music Times writers share an office area of roughly 45 sq. ft, which makes having face-to-face conversations totally impossible. Junk Mail is these millenials' attempt to discuss and review the week's hottest album releases... without needing to look at each other. This week: Carolyn Menyes, Kyle Dowling, and Caitlin Carter email back and forth about 5 Seconds of Summer's self-titled debut album.

  • Weezer
    In The Rock Jul 25, 2014 EDT

    5 Ways Weezer Could Actually Get 'Back To The Shack'

    On Monday, Weezer shared its new single "Back To The Shack," a riffy power pop tune that seemed to promise a return to the band's mid-90's glory days. Though the song isn't the worst thing Weezer's done in the last ten years, it still isn't anywhere close to the band's best material, and its desperate nostalgia is largely to blame. If Weezer truly wanted to find its groove again, it shouldn't be writing a stupid song about it. Instead, the band should be taking these steps...

  • 'What's Opera, Doc?'
    In The Classical Jul 27, 2014 EDT

    'Ride of The Valkyries' in Film and Television

    The Bayreuth Opera Festival in Germany might have gotten off to a rough start, so Music Times figured it would try to help by offering a tribute of its own to Richard Wagner, the key honoree of the annual opera fest. Thanks to the epic nature of the instrumental charge, the theme has been used over and over again in popular television and film. Some of the best, most renowned (and most loathed) examples are listed.


  • The Horrors Cancel North American Tour Dates [FULL SCHEDULE]

  • REVIEW: Lenny Kravitz Shares 'Sex' [LISTEN]

  • Drake Tweets Condolences For Terminally-Ill Fan

  • Karen O Shares 'Rapt' Music Video [WATCH]

  • UConn Researchers Using 3D Printers to Make Parts for Antique Instruments

  • One Direction's Zayn Malik Tweets 'Free Palestine,' Fans React

  • [WATCH] John Mayer, Regis Philbin: Former ‘Live!’ Host Doesn’t Know Who Katy Perry’s Ex Is, ‘Paradise Valley’ Singer Saved By Bob Saget

  • Dolly Parton May Record 'Mud' and Glastonbury May Host A Singalong of The Track Every Year

  • REVIEW: Hilary Duff 'Chasing The Sun' is Easy, Breezy, Innocent and Not a Comeback Single [LISTEN]

  • Blur Releasing Album 'Live at The Budokan,' Rarity Previously Only Available in Japan

  • Neil Young Uses Kickstarter To Save The Rainforest, Teams Up With ‘Rainforest Connection’

  • Aretha Franklin Scolded At Johnny Rockets

  • Childish Gambino To Kendrick Lamar, Drake & ScHoolboy Q: 'I’ll F–king Kill You N—-s' [WATCH]

  • Viacom—MTV, VH1 and Country Music Television—Teaming Up with Spotify for Playlist Curation

  • [WATCH] Jack White Joins Beck On Stage In Rhode Island, ‘Lazaretto’ Singer Participates In Choreographed Dance Number

  • What If Your Life Was a Musical? Four New Shows Explore This Idea, Including Disney’s ‘Bob the Musical'

  • Australian Police Investigating Lily Allen Prank Photo

  • Nicki Minaj Delays ‘Anaconda’ Release

  • 'Rising Star' ABC Recap and Review: Final Duels Round Finally Features Performers in Music-Heavy Episode

  • 10 Albums That Are Partially Self-Titled

  • Turk Says Hot Boys Reunion Isn't Happening

  • No Miley Cyrus Collab On Wiz Khalifa's 'Blacc Hollywood'

  • Rich Homie Quan Releases New Video

  • 8 Bands Who Debuted With Their Best Album

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    In The Dance/Electronic Jul 27, 2014 EDT

    Highly Ranked Atlantic City HQ Nightclub in Trouble if Revel Casino Hotel Can't Find Buyer After Bankruptcy

    One Atlantic City resort is having big financial troubles and one of the world's premier nightclubs may face closure as a result. The Revel Casino, home to the well-regarded HQ Club, is facing a second round of bankruptcy but the city's mayor has revealed that six potential buyers have shown interest in purchasing the troubled property.Read more »

    In The Classical Jul 27, 2014 EDT

    Bayreuth Festival Opens with Disastrous Rendition of Richard Wagner's 'Tannhäuser'

    Opera festivals rarely raise eyebrows outside of the cities in which they are staged but this year's version of the Bayreuth Opera Festival has gotten off to a rough start. The yearly event, which is held at the titular German city, is dedicated entirely to the works of composer Richard Wagner, a native of Leipzig. The festival allows for experimentation to be conducted with the classic compositions and narratives, which is where our story begins.Read more »

    Jul 27, 2014 EDT

    Bose Sues Beats Electronics, Alleging Patent Violations in Design of Beats Studios, Solos.

    Bose challenges Beats with a lawsuit claiming patent violations.Read more »

    In The Rock Jul 27, 2014 EDT

    Unlocking The Truth Adds Documentary to Its Record and Book Deals

    The offers and deals continue to pour in for Unlocking The Truth, the trio of Brooklyn youth who started a metal band and became a sensation. The newest project in the band's future will be a documentary released under Black Label Media and SeeThinkFilms.Read more »

    In The Rock Jul 27, 2014 EDT

    The Horrors Cancel All American and European Dates (outside of UK)

    British indie rockers The Horrors have suddenly pulled out of its 2014 North American tour dates, releasing a statement to fans on July 25.Read more »

    In The Pop Jul 27, 2014 EDT

    Performer Gets Jail Time for Conning Investors with Fake Charity Album

    If this album was for real, it would've been worth well more than the price of a typical compilation album. However, it wasn't real. Portland musician Kasey Anderson was sentenced to four years in prison for convincing investors that he had assembled a superb set of acts for a charity album, and thus robbed them of more than $600,000.Read more »

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